Pot Calling The Kettle Black: Albanian FM Accuses Serbia of Having a “Criminal History”


BELGRADE – Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has asked Albania to apologize publicly for Foreign Minister Ghent Tsakai’s statements.

According to Dacic, Chakai accused Serbia of having a “criminal history” and of alienating politicians and members of paramilitary groups “at the forefront of present-day Serbia”, according to the Serbian Telegraph.

“This is a falsification of events in Kosovo and I therefore apologize to the government of the Republic of Albania,” Dacic said, referring to Chakai’s statements.

The head of the Serbian diplomacy said that these statements by the Albanian Foreign Minister do not contribute to the good neighborly relations between Belgrade and Tirana and that he is completely opposed to the efforts of the Serbian leaders to improve their relations with Albania.

According to Dacic, such statements also affect the stability of the entire region, writes Albanian gazetatema.net

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Kosovo became an autonomous region of Serbia after the establishment of socialist Yugoslavia in the aftermath of World War Two and retained its Albanian-majority that was created during the Ottoman administration of the region. The 1990’s proved this was always a weak point of Serbia. With the U.S. sponsoring the violent destruction of Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s, the status of Kosovo was left unresolved, culminating in the terrorist-led war against the Yugoslav state (in which Serbia was the successor of) in 1999.

The terrorist ethnic-Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), with the backing of NATO and the Albanian Republic, defeated Yugoslav forces. The United Nations and NATO assumed control of the territory, which eventually declared independence in 2008. Since then the region has become a heroin ‘smugglers paradise,’ and a hub for human trafficking, organ harvesting and arms trafficking.

It is for this reason that in an interview in October, the former Serbian Chief of General Staff, General Ljubisa Dikovic, discussed the project for a Greater Albania. Dikovic believes that the area of ​​the Balkan Peninsula cannot be peaceful because of unresolved issues like Kosovo.

“There can easily be big problems if things get out of hand. I hope that there will be enough wisdom and intelligence and that everyone will do what we do, in terms of strengthening security, cooperation and trust. I am free to say that we are in the lead because I do not see on other sides showing desire to build peace. After all, the issue of ‘Greater Albania’ is a matter of the highest security risk. We can ask why this is happening now with Albania and [North] Macedonia? It might be waiting to create a ‘Greater Albania’,” Dikovic said.

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