Predictions about the Future – Liberalism and Nationalism

By Alexekin Rockowia


Alexekin Rockowia Just like people change during a life-time, from puberty, through young adulthood, until the identity is formed at the age of twenty-five, so does, in particular, political ideologies. This is a ‘natural’ process, as we can see, for instance, in the rise of liberation movements after the Great War, when the imperialists adapted to the current circumstances and became the neo-liberals. The same is also true for people who call themselves nationalists; they have changed thanks to scientific advancement which has proven the falsehood of eugenics – so that instead of dealing with genetics (even physical attributes) their focus has shifted to culture. We will now see what conclusion we can draw from this and how we should think about the future, as a consequence of these changes. Is the future bright or bleak for nationalism and mankind?

We could call this phenomenon as well the evolution of political ideologies. But in the midst of those changes, liberalism and nationalism have remained in essence the same. As for liberalism, it is money and power for the individuals, which is its main goal; in the case of nationalism, it is always about the collective, ie. about creating a single body from it, if you want.

In fact, that is what drove the creation of the “People’s Home” (Folkhemmet) in Sweden, allowing it to be the leading country in living standard, including health care. But then we witnessed a strange upheaval, when this People’s Home started to receive a variety of different peoples. In other words, the idea got corrupted and hijacked, until we got what we have today in Sweden, with ghettos taken over and run with terror by criminals.

Fortunately, today we see a return to the original idea, thanks to the Sweden Democrats and their significant breakthrough in the last elections. We see a thread that has allowed people to learn from their mistakes, the direction in which we were always moving – the one that can be dated as far back as in the 19th century.

Today it looks like we can expect the nationalists to take over and change the world fundamentally. This is why it could be good to try to predict the consequences. For example, we can look at Russia, where numerous young people protest against Putin. But many of these protesters were not around when he came to power, and hence do not remember what Russia was like before him. They simply do not know that Putin prevented Russia from becoming a Western colony – and that he is still fighting the same battle, for the same reason.

Hopefully, he will stick to power for a long time to come. But one needs to be realistic, to face the fact that he will not be here forever, and ask oneself what will happen afterwards: especially twenty years later, when people, not born yet, will be old enough to vote.

To predict this we could turn to history, and realize that people have always resisted authoritarian regimes. What we must be prepared for is the time after the golden age of nationalism in Europe and the United States, whose current rise no one can deny.

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Perhaps what awaits us will be an anarcho-syndicalist revolution; simply because people will have had enough of politics, and society will be apolitical – ie. with no politicians as we know them.

Again, one must come to terms with reality, and prepare for this. And, of course, we should not forget that nationalists previously got their job done. To illustrate this, we can remember what Hitler said, at the end of the war: that he would be thanked for having erased Jews from Europe. If one thinks about it, one might say that Hitler too, in a sense, got his job done, even though it was despicable and without any excuse. In the same way, nationalists will do their job: dismantle the world as it is today, in the hands of Western imperialists.

Here nationalists can enjoy a lot of comfort. Perhaps what we will see after their time will be a compromise, and national identity and pride will still matter. Maybe the nationalist leaders must act like in Chile, where, under the Pinochet regime, they were given immunity. But they have to be careful not to be fooled, as was the case there. And, hopefully, the world will not be left in ruins, resembling the Arab spring.

Alexekin Rockowia is Editor-in-Chief of For-Serbia The Website, CEO of Yugoslav Wars Archive and author of “A Short Book about Nationalism”, which is available for sale on Amazon.

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