Putin confirms Russia does not plan to attack anyone


MOSCOW – “Despite all the problems with Ukraine, with speculation around Crimea and Donbass, everyone perfectly understands that Russia does not plan to attack anyone. The Russian threat is only an invention for those who want to take advantage of the role of a vanguard in the fight against Russia, receive extra benefits and preferences for it,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Speaking at the Russia Calling investment forum (‘Russia calls you’), the Russian leader explained how Russia plans to build relations with Washington:

“I think we have many common interests with the US, it is a great country, we have always respected it, we were twice allies in two world wars. Moscow seeks cooperation with Washington in the technological field and in the economy in general.”

The Russian president recalled that during the administration of Barack Obama the bilateral trade between the two countries was reduced to 20,000 million dollars, and in two years of the presidency of Donald Trump the trade has grown to 25,000 million.

“Russia and the United States have common interests in the energy sector and in international security, they also cooperate as little as it is in the fight against terrorism and organized crime, as well as over Syria and the environment,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was sincere with the participants of the annual investment forum Russia Calling! on their concerns after the first sanctions against Russia were imposed:

“After the imposition of sanctions Russia took a big step towards increasing our economic and technological sovereignty and in this sense all the restrictions benefited our economy,” said Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in a joint press conference with his counterpart from Belarus, Vladimir Makei, at the end of his negotiations in Moscow, announced that Russia’s proposal to declare a moratorium on deployment in Europe of medium and short range missiles still stands:

“We have noted that in this area an unsatisfactory situation has been created as a result of Washington’s actions to consciously undermine the global architecture of strategic stability,” said the Russian Foreign Minister.

“We have indicated that President Putin’s message on the problem of the INF treaty addressed to the leaders of the key countries of Euroatlantic, in the Asia-Pacific region, confirmed Russia’s intention not only to express moderation, but to declare a moratorium to the deployment of medium and short range missiles until the US and its allies continue to refrain from such steps,” Lavrov said.

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Last Monday the Kremlin confirmed that Russia will participate in the Normandy Quartet meeting for the settlement in eastern Ukraine , which will be held on December 9 in Paris. In this regard, the Russian Foreign Minister said: “If the four member countries of the Normandy Format are willing to meet on December 9, then the conditions have matured.”

On December 8, Belarus and Russia will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the signing of the agreement on the creation of the State of the Union. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov congratulated the citizens of Belarus for the successful holding of parliamentary elections on November 17

Meanwhile, China and the US are on the threshold of the cold war but, for now, they could still resolve the tension.

This is what Beijing State Secretary Henry Kissinger, who was also in his days presidential adviser on national security, declared in Beijing at the Innovative Economy Forum. In Kissinger’s opinion, trade talks are only part of the great discussion about the reorganization of relations between the two countries.

The Beijing Innovative Economy Forum, organized at the initiative of billionaire Michael Bloomberg , former mayor of New York as well, brought together the most excellent minds in the Western world.

Those gathered at the Beijing Forum expressed hope that the US and China could reach an agreement in the trade war.

Last week, the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council of China, Liu He, invited the US side to China to discuss “face-to-face” business problems. It was reported that a US delegation could visit China before the end of November.

Meanwhile, the US government asked Turkey to replace its advanced Russian -made S-400 anti-aircraft systems with Patriot’s American batteries. Earlier, US President Donald Trump, during the visit to Washington of his Turkish couple, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had declared that he hopes that the situation of the purchase of the S-400 will be “resolved.”

According to Russian expert Konstantin Sivkov, Turkey set out to diversify weapons systems so as not to depend entirely on the US. Turks do not trust NATO, in general, or Europe, and that is why they are forced to diversify the purchase of weapons. US pressure on Turkey can end that if NATO intensifies it will lose Turkey, Konstantin Sivkov said.

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