Russia offers innovative antidrone system to Arab countries


MOSCOW – Russia introduces new drone-fighting system called Repellent, based on electronic weapons and capable of neutralizing drone “swarms” at distances up to 30 kilometers.

Russia has electronic weapons capable of combating isolated unmanned aerial vehicles or drone swarms . The systems were proposed to Arab and African countries during the Dubai Airshow 2019 fair.

Russian company Rosoboronexport has proposed to Middle Eastern and North African countries to purchase its high-quality electronic weapon-based drone combat system.

The company’s CEO, Aleksandr Mikheev, spoke with journalists during the Dubai Airshow 2019 fair, which will be held in the UAE capital on November 17-21.

“We have already sent our proposals to partners from the Middle East, North Africa and other regions, including services for installing a staggered electronic fighting system for area or facility protection,” said Mikheev.

According to the CEO, the system is effective for defending individual territories or facilities against drones or even drone groups.

Experts from the Russian company presented the capabilities of the Reppelent electronic combat system, capable of detecting and neutralizing drones within 30 kilometers.

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The system is capable of operating in any season under any weather conditions including high winds, rain and dust.

The company also has a system that specializes in protecting critical facilities such as nuclear power plants and aerodromes. The Sapsan-Bekas system can detect drones within a radius of more than 20 kilometers and using active radars – neutralizing them at 10 kilometers.

A third system, Kupol, is capable of covering a facility with a true electronic protection dome , acting as a barrier against operating drones within a radius of at least 3 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the US company Lockheed Martin, the largest manufacturer of military equipment in the world, has successfully tested a laser weapon system for the US Air Force.

Combat laser testing was conducted at a military base in Oklahoma, USA, where it was demonstrated that it could shoot down various flying targets, including drones, using a 30 kilowatt laser. This technology is known as Advanced Test High Energy Asset or ATHENA, which uses the ALADIN experimental laser.

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