Russia plans to build fleet of military robots that will ‘act on their own’


Russian military industry plans to create fleet of multifunctional robots that will act on the battlefield with as little human intervention as possible.

“The task of forming [robot] groups according to the military robot development plan is set for 2020. By 2025 we will have to complete this task in the basic and project plan, and then move on to the integration of these robot groups into the automated control system of the Russian Armed Forces,” a source in the Russian military industry said.

So far, according to the source, the focus is on unmanned units of five platforms. In the robot group, each unit will take care of its specific tasks.

In addition, at the base of the Marker robot it is possible to produce a refueling car and a protection car. All of them will have a high level of autonomy.


Russian engineers also intend to arm the robots with 120mm howitzers. At this stage, they can already launch unmanned aerial vehicles and grenades, according to the source.

“In the future these machines will face similar [enemies]. We believe such robots will fight other robots. The value of the robot lies in [replacing] man and overcoming his capabilities,” the source added.

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Recently, the Marker robot has demonstrated its ability to set its own course on different terrain in a testing polygon in the Russian city of Magnitogorsk.

Meanwhile, China is developing drones that “can’t be shot down” and selling them to Middle Eastern countries, according to media reports.

Among the latest drones developed by China, the Blowfish A3, similar to a small unmanned helicopter, would be in the process of commercialization with Middle Eastern countries.

According to published the tabloid Daily Star, China has developed and sold drones “indestructible” in the opinion of the Chinese themselves.

The development of such weapons is “worrying” military officials outside China as to how they could be used, the media said.

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