Russia will provide electronic intelligence systems to Iran

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MOSCOW – Russia will provide defensive armaments to Tehran as an electronic intelligence complex, Russian military technical cooperation representative Dmitry Shugaev said.

Leading government and corporate officials from the aviation and military cooperation sectors are gathered at Dubai Aeroshow 2019, held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates from November 17-22.

Russian Federal Service Director for Technical-Military Cooperation, Dmitry Shugaev, said on Monday that Russia will stick to Iran’s arms supply agreements that are in accordance with UN standards:

“We will continue to enforce contracts that do not contradict UN sanctions, such as the provision of testing and repair systems, radio monitoring equipment, electronic intelligence complexes, as well as other defensive weapons,” Shugaev said.

Technical-military cooperation between Iran and Russia has been reduced by UN Security Council Resolution 2231, adopted on June 20, 2015, and by Russian Presidential Decree of 11 March 2016.

According to international standards, until October 2020, military-technical cooperation in offensive weapons with Iran is prohibited.

Meanwhile, Russia received first orders for the supply of the advanced Su-32 fighter bomber, the export version of the Su-34.

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The statement came from the managing director of Russian state-owned company Rosoboronexport, Aleksandr Mikheev, who informed reporters about the orders at the Dubai Airshow air show on Monday.

“We are working on this. Several partners have even flown these aircraft. So we are waiting for decisions and doing marketing work. There are orders,” Mikheev said, without specifying countries in demand.

The Su-34 bomber fighter is intended for attacking ground, surface and air targets, air defense facilities located at considerable distance from the air base, amid enemy fire and informational countermeasures, and is capable of operating from day and night, even in adverse weather conditions.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced a bidding process to equip Su-34 fighters with unified reconnaissance systems, says the respective document on the state procurement and procurement portal.

The Russian Su-34 bomber fighters will be equipped with universal reconnaissance devices, which will be suspended on the aircraft by means of additional fasteners.

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