Space Silk Route? China plans to create economic zone between Earth and Moon by 2050

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BEIJING – China plans to create an economic zone between the earth and the moon in the middle of this century, said the director of the science and technology committee of the country’s aerospace science and technology cooperation.

At a forum in Beijing this week, the chairman of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Cooperation Science and Technology Commission, Bao Weimin, said the country is planning to create an economic zone between Earth and its satellite.

Bao Weimin, quoted by The Science and Technology Daily, explained that Beijing would study the viability of the project’s economic potential, its cost and the creation of an aerospace transport system that offers regular space flights from Earth to the Moon.

As for the project deadlines, according to Bao Weimin, Beijing intends to complete basic technology research by 2030, build the transportation system by 2040, and establish the space economic zone between Earth and the moon by about 2050.

According to unidentified experts quoted by the Chinese media, the zone could generate $10 billion a year.

Exploring the space between Earth and Moon and creating a new “Silk Road” opens many doors to Beijing. According to experts, this could help develop the space travel industry and conduct experiments on the moon.

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China’s advances in space

In recent years, China has made great progress in the area of ​​space exploration. In January, the country successfully launched the Chang’e-4 spacecraft as part of its lunar exploration program, which focuses on studying the hidden side of the moon.

In July, i-Space became the first private Chinese company to launch a carrier rocket into orbit. In addition, in July this year, Chinese scientists announced that they have completed manufacturing the rover that will explore Mars in 2020.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is collaborating with NASA to increase the amount of time people can spend in space, not only on the ISS, but also during missions to Mars that can last for years.

NASA, in its human research program, studies the effects of long-term space travel, including problems of solitude and isolation, newer developments in technology are now ready to help astronauts.

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