The fear of Cyrillic is an irrational Croatian fear against Serbs


ZAGREB – The Serbian People’s Council (SNV) President Boris Milosevic said the use of the Serbian language and Cyrillic is a legal obligation in 23 municipalities and cities in Croatia, but that it has not yet been fully respected in any place.

He estimated that the fear of the Cyrillic alphabet was actually a fear of the Serbs, which was completely irrational.

Boris Milosevic recalled that the campaign against the Cyrillic alphabet as a “hostile alphabet” had begun with Croatia’s accession to the EU and that the state had fully scheduled for it.

“In 1997, when ratifying the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, Croatia declared that it would protect and encourage the use of the Serbian language. Unfortunately, little has been done in practice. Part of Croatian society does not accept that Cyrillic should be part of the public space, but we must not give up, but go step by step in implementing the law,” Milosevic told Vecernje Novosti.

Talking about the increasing attempts to redraw history in Croatia, Milosevic said that the goal of those who receive money from the state of Croatia is to decriminalize the Nazi-allied Ustasha movement and the NDH as much as possible, and to criminalize the anti-fascist partisan movement.

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“Serbs who have stood up with weapons against fascism are portrayed exclusively as Chetniks who have ‘stood up against the Croatian state,'” Milosevic said.

He pointed out that crime scenes such as the Slana camp in Pag are also being forgotten about.

There is no sign that there was a camp, and someone constantly breaks the board, said Milosevic.

Milosevic said on the eve of today’s “Columns of Remembrance” program, which is being held to commemorate the arrival of Yugoslav units in 1991 in Vukovar, that any dialogue between the authorities and the Serb community was hindered.

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