The FRN Daily News Brief 2019-11-01

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This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 7, articles about Anglo-5, Headline-News, Mena, Syria, United-States, Bulgaria, Eurasia, Nato, Russia, Serbia, Latin-America, Venezuela, Finance, China, United-Kingdom.

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Trump’s plan to pillage Syrian oil, blatant violation of international law

Published 2019-11-01 20:30:08 by Guest Author in Anglo-5, Headline-News, Mena, Syria, United-States

Exactly two weeks after announcing a thousand US troops would be withdrawn from northeastern Syria with a portion relocated to Syria’s Jordanian and Israeli borders and others sent to Iraq, US President Donald Trump announced on Sunday plans to keep US soldiers in Syria to “secure” oil fields. President Trump even mentioned that he intended to make a deal with ExxonMobil or another company to go in there and do it “properly”, that the goal would be to “spread the wealth” from “massive amounts of oil”. With 500 US troops, Trump also said if need be, they would fight for… Continue ->

Tags: Syria, Trump, US

Why Are Bulgarian Atlanticist’s Opposing the Russian S-400 in Serbia?

Published 2019-11-01 19:30:30 by Paul Antonopoulos in Bulgaria, Eurasia, Headline-News, Nato, Russia, Serbia

SOFIA – The arrival of the Russian S-400 and Pantsir S missile defense systems in Serbia for the “Slavic Shield 2019” military exercises demonstrated not only the fraternal relationship between Belgrade and Moscow, but also that Russia has an interest in helping Serbia improve its air defense, while opening up the possibility for the Balkan country to procure these systems. This of course has been criticized by Serbia’ neighbors, all of whom are NATO members or have aspirations to become NATO members. The significance of such systems leaving Russia’s borders for military exercises, especially in the volatile Balkans, cannot be… Continue ->

Tags: Black Sea, Bulgaria, NATO, Russia, S-400, Serbia

Russia criticizes US interference in Latin American affairs

Published 2019-11-01 18:30:10 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Latin-America, Russia, Venezuela

MOSCOW – The United States intervenes directly in Latin American affairs, said Russian official Maria Zakharova on Friday. “We are witnessing a direct interference by both the US internal affairs and the international agenda of the region,” the official told a news conference. As a concrete case, she spoke about the situation in Venezuela. The diplomat recalled a recent statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who on October 17 wrote on his Twitter that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro supposedly uses food as a political weapon, without providing evidence or citing his own country’s sanctions against Venezuela that affects… Continue ->

Tags: LATAM, Russia, Venezuela

The Rubles Return: Why Is The Russian Currency Making Investors Interested Again?

Published 2019-11-01 17:30:12 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Finance, Headline-News, Russia

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MOSCOW – Russia has improved its financial position and the ruble remains stable despite political turmoil. German media reports that the return of investor interest in the currency is because it successfully resists sanctions and oil price fluctuations. This Wednesday, German magazine Focus published an article titled “After sanctions and oil price shocks: see why the ruble is coming back”, which examines the reasons behind investor interest in the Russian currency. According to the report, after the currency devaluation, motivated by the imposition of the first sanctions and falling oil prices, the ruble strengthened against the dollar and the euro… Continue ->

Tags: Rubles, Russia

Will Russia and China forge a military alliance?

Published 2019-11-01 16:30:51 by Paul Antonopoulos in China, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia

MOSCOW – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov answered a question about bilateral relations between Russia and China. The recent rapprochement between countries leads many to question whether there is any intention of forging a military alliance. The relations between Moscow and Beijing are very close , but when asked whether countries would see a chance to forge a military alliance, the Minister of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “If we understand ‘alliance’ as ‘military alliance’ then neither Russia nor China is planning to make this kind of union,” Lavrov said in an interview with Rossia 24. According to… Continue ->

Tags: China, Lavrov, Military, Russia

Carney’s Green Crypto Currency Abandons Reality

Published 2019-11-01 15:57:43 by Matthew Ehret in Anglo-5, Finance, Headline-News, United-Kingdom, United-States

By Matthew Ehret The momentum pushing for the overhaul of the financial system from its current disorderly state of unbounded speculation (amounting to over $1.2 quadrillion of derivatives) towards a “reformed central bank-driven” system of green finance is moving startlingly fast. The fact that this momentum is both coming from “top down” echelons of the City of London as well as the “bottom up” anarchist mobs of Extinction Rebellion is also not a coincidence as it has now been firmly proven that both are coordinated by the same billionaire speculators who created the economic bubble of an economy now ripe to blow…. Continue ->

Tags: Belt And Road Initiative, Central Banking, Crypto Currency, Economic Collapse, Green New Deal, Mark Carney, New Silk Road, One World Government

US Army wants new ammunition to fight Russia and China

Published 2019-11-01 15:30:14 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, China, Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia, United-States

WASHINGTON DC – After decades of using 5.5mm bullets, the United States Army has decided to manufacture new 6.8mm ammunition to enable its forces to fight Russia and China. Since the 1960s, the United States has equipped its troops with 5.5mm bullets for its rifles. According reported the website Popular Mechanics, the caliber bullets 5.5mm US were lighter than similar ammunition at the time. However, with the evolution of vehicle armor and the use of individual protective equipment by troops from countries such as Russia and China, the needs of the US military became different. “The new bullet is part… Continue ->

Tags: China, Russia, US

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