The incredible effectiveness of US propaganda at home

It's now doctrine, and needs no substantiation


A former Latin student of mine from back in the seventies has just posted this, in which each sentence contains at least one falsehood that this otherwise brilliant mind has swallowed.

As our national situation develops, it is becoming clear that the Republicans are cornered into supporting Donald Trump who serves the interests of Putin and his despotic Russian allies, while the Democrats have and continue to support Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his legitimately elected government. Ukrainians are defending themselves against ongoing Russian territorial aggression. Ukrainians troops are actually galliantly [sic] fighting a proxy war for the west against Putin, the remaining antagonist against our NATO allies (except Turkey, not really an ally any more.) Another tragic reversal of traditional Republican and American international policy.

This goes completely apart from logic and substantiation. I asked

Serves whose interest? Consider what he has done for Netanyahu:
1.) Recognized Jerusalem as the capital.
2.) Recognized Golan as Israel’s.
3.) Walked away from the Iran nuclear agreement.
4.) Declared the  illegal settlements legal.

Now please list something that he has done for Russia.

And the reply I got?
“Everything that Vladimir told him to do”

Actual piece-by-piece evidence of whose interest were being catered to has made no impression against the “mighty Wurlitzer” of constant repetition of “Russian aggression.”

That is, the doctrine is set, and needs no instance of substantiation.

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My student’s indignant post is an echo of Adam Schiff’s November 13 anti-Russian outburst. It was Adam Schiff’s opening statement in the House of Representative’s impeachment investigation.

“In 2014, Russia invaded a United States ally, Ukraine, to reverse that nation’s embrace of the West, and to fulfill Vladimir Putin’s desire to rebuild a Russian empire. In the following years, thirteen thousand Ukrainians died as they battled superior Russian forces.”

The difference between Schiff and my student is simple: Schiff knows he’s lying. I fear though, that ardent American liberals buy the Schiffery and think “Ukrainians are defending themselves against ongoing Russian territorial aggression. Ukrainians troops are actually gallantly fighting a proxy war for the west against Putin.”

The “impeachment investigation” is directed against Russia. Listen to State Department personnel testifying and you hear them repeatedly voice the mantra of Russian aggression and saying that Ukraine desperately needs the weapons that the U.S. is providing in order to defend themselves. Nobody there goes back and questions the steady encirclement of Russia by NATO, to say nothing of referendums and self-determination.

Schiff is spoofing the American people just as Vovan and Lexus spoofed him. Unfortunately, after Schiff’s aides tried to actually acquire “Andrey Parubiy’s” nude pictures of Trump (which Putin was using to blackmail Trump!) the hoax collapsed, and Representative Schiff claimed he knew it was a prank from the start.

It is unfortunate for the world that Schiff’s deliberate prank will hold sway very much longer than the prank of Vovan and Lexus.

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