Turkey tests S-400 as Pakistani warships harasses Cypriot merchant ships


As the Pentapostagma said a few days ago, a Pakistani warship along with Turkish troops had been in the Aegean and in the Mediterranean for over a week now.

The Turks are also feverishly preparing their own defensive axis in the region, against Greece and Cyprus with countries that share the same religion and interests.

Pakistan is the second country in this project, as Ankara and Islamabad prepare a permanent presence of Pakistani navy and aircraft units in the Turkish Mediterranean Shield operation, with Erdogan hoping to snatch Greek territory and maritime waters.

Ankara has, therefore, established relations with Islamists in Libya on the one hand to pressure the Greek island of Crete and now has the Pakistani fleet on the Aegean and on the Mediterranean.

Even Pakistani frigates who participated in the Turkish exercise under the code name “Mediterranean Shield”, patrolled and inspected merchant ships west of Cyprus!

This is an incredible development, which now leads to dangerous paths in the area!

Meanwhile, first tests of the Russian S-400 missile defense system took place on Monday in Ankara, which automatically sounds an alarm in Greece.

The Turkish capital’s prefecture, in an official announcement, informs residents that the F-16 and other fighter jets will perform low-altitude test flights today and tomorrow over Ankara’s airspace, as the Turkish press says it will test for first time the S-400.

The F-16s will fly to specific degrees and approach S-400 arrays, based at Akinji near Ankara, to test radar and anti-aircraft detection capabilities.

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The prefecture of Ankara made this announcement in order not to panic the citizens with low F-16 flights.

As the Turkish press notes, had the US-Turkey counter-offensive not been suspended and the suspension of its equipment to Ankara not decided, Turkey would have received the first US F-35s in November this year and the Russian S-400 system would have been tested above 5th generation fighter aircraft. But in the absence of the F-35, Ankara is testing its expensive newly acquired supercharger with its oldest F-16 fighter.

“Turkey will use its S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems purchased from Russia in a manner that guarantees its national territorial security ,” a Turkish minister told reporters.

According to the Turkish defense minister, Turkish officers and non-commissioned officers are being trained extensively on how to operate and use the S-400 air defense system, for which his ministry will proceed with planned actions to include it solely in the defense of the country, but against whom?

Since the Turks, after writing the American ultimatums in their old shoes, we owe it to us here in Greece to move quickly and do what we did not do two years ago.

We are talking about the immediate agreement to upgrade the Greek missiles to either the S-300PMU-2 Favorite level, with a 48N6E2 projectile and a maximum range of 195 kilometers, or to the S-300VM4 level.

Translated from Pentapostagma.

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