Turkey threatens to return ISIS terrorists to Europe: ‘We are not a hotel’


ANKARA – Turkey has threatened to return the jihadists of Daesh [ISIS] detained by Ankara to their countries of origin.

Although some European countries have revoked the nationalities of some of the Daesh terrorists, Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu has said he intends to return prisoners to their countries of origin.

“We are not a hotel,” said Soylu.

The minister added that countries like the Netherlands or the United Kingdom had taken “the easy way out”, revoking jihadist citizenship.

“Let’s say we arrest them for a while and then release them. What do we do next? Do we grant Turkish citizenship? No, we will send them to their countries of origin!”

In particular, Soylu referred to Daesh fighters and their relatives captured during the military operation initiated by Ankara on October 9 and against the Kurdish and Daesh militants in the Syrian border region.

Erdogan said Thursday that Ankara will resume its operation in Syria if the terrorist attacks continue.

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“Our operation was successful. But if the terrorists reappear in the area we negotiated, we have the right to eliminate them. And if they continue to attack, we will continue our operation,” said Erdogan.

According to him, Turkey has always considered the military option as an extreme measure.

“But the process brought us here. We informed everyone of the start of the operation. But we are not required to ask anyone’s permission. Finally, our partners listened to us. First, we agreed with the United States on the withdrawal of terrorists within 120 hours. After the deadline, the United States notified us in writing that the agreement was fulfilled by them. On Tuesday, we reached an agreement with Russia,” said the Turkish leader.

He said seven Turkish soldiers were killed during the operation of the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria, while the opposition Syrian National Army had 96 casualties.

“We have taken control of 4,220 square kilometers. We now control 120 kilometers of the 444 kilometers of the zone, the rest [we will] control with Russia,” added Erdogan.

Turkey announced on October 9 the launch of Operation Fountain of Peace in northeastern Syria. According to Erdogan, Ankara’s goal was to create a buffer zone to serve as a protective belt for the Turkish border.

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