Ukrainian politician faces reality: Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk are not coming back

Donbass will not return, forget it.



Ex-Rada deputy: Donbass will not return, “Minsk” is needed for the civilized partition of Ukraine
Donbass and Crimea will never return to Ukraine, and negotiations in Minsk are needed for a ceasefire and the legislative formalization of the partition of Ukraine. This was stated by former Verkhovna Rada deputy Yevgeny Balitsky.
According to him, Ukraine will never more have the Crimea and the Donbass, whose inhabitants hate the country that’s been killing them.

“What dignity are you talking about? The fact that we are fighting in our own country and killing each other? It’s all the same to the mortar shell who it kills. It flies and and lands on a schoolgirl with her books, or on a separatist. And even if it’s a separatist, it’s still a Ukrainian with a Ukrainian passport.
Crimea will not return to us. Neither Crimea nor Donbass will return. All these Minsk formats, everything that’s going on, is all time lag, to tell Ukrainians on TV: “Just a little more, and we will get it figured out,” Balitsky said on the air of the YouTube channel “InterVizor.”

According to the politician, the main goal of the negotiations on the Donbass is to end the heated conflict in the region. “The main thing is to have peace. It’s good that the troops are planting, so that they don’t even kill each other, because Donbass will not return, forget it,” he said.

“I talk in Crimea very often with people who came from the LPR and DPR. They hate us. After they’ve been getting killed, after the Ukrainian shells rained on them, after the pilot Voloshin strafed Lugansk from a plane, they will not return,” the ex-deputy emphasized.

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“And you just need to finish and arrange this event the faster so that it is within the framework of Ukrainian legislation. Anything else is deception, and empty talk in order to bring us to the ultimate point where “you don’t have any bread in the refrigerator – as usual,” Balitsky stated.

Recall, last week a document appeared on the network that is allegedly an official appeal from the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Danilov, addressed to the head of the presidential administration of Ukraine, the head of the SBU and the country’s prime minister. According to the plan indicated in the appeal, the Ukrainian authorities intend to provide an opportunity for residents of Donbass to leave their region and move to Ukraine within the framework of “safe reintegration.” Those who decide to stay in the Donbass will be subject to stringent filtration procedures, as a result of which, many will be resettled in the western part of Ukraine for “re-Ukrainianization.”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR declared that the law enforcement structures of the DPR will not allow the execution of this plan on the territory of the Republic under any circumstances.

Earlier, the head of the Golos faction Rakhmaninov, in an interview with Ukrainian journalists, said that if the Donbass issue is not resolved within a year, then the team of President of Ukraine Zelensky will float into the background – Ukraine will fence itself off from the DPR and LPR.
Last month, the former deputy minister for “occupied territories” Tuka said that if Zelensky’s team proves powerless to resolve the conflict, the residents of Donbass will be given 60 days to leave the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics and move to Ukraine-controlled territory. Everyone who remains in the Republics will be “walled up” there – all Ukrainian checkpoints will be closed, and LDNR territories will be surrounded by fortifications.
Tuka noted that he was rather skeptical of such information, however, “last week he himself received information that such an idea was being discussed by a certain part of the Zelensky team.
“We add that last week the Ukrainian Nazist urged the authorities to decide what to do with the residents of Donbass at a national discussion.
Subject: War in the Donbass

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