US warns of sanctions on Turkey if it does not ‘get rid of S-400’


MOSCOW – Earlier this month, Russia completed deliveries of all components of the S-400 system to Turkey, which was ahead of schedule.

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said the systems would be ready to go into service within a few months. Now, the US Congress says it is willing to punish Turkey economically if Ankara does not give up on these systems, according to US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien.

“Well, look- look, if- if Turkey doesn’t get rid of the S-400, I mean, there will likely be sanctions. The CAATSA sanctions will- will pass Congress with an overwhelming bipartisan majority and Turkey will feel the impact of those sanctions. We- we’ve made that very clear to President Erdoğan. There’s no place in NATO for the S-400. There’s no place in NATO for significant Russian military purchases. That’s a message that the president will deliver to him very clearly when he’s here in Washington,” O’Brien said in an interview with CBS.

The US Senate previously criticized the State Department for failing to introduce sanctions against Turkey following the purchase of Russian S-400 systems by Ankara.

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The purchase of air defense systems created many tensions between Ankara and Washington. The US demanded that Turkey give up its Moscow contract and buy the US Patriot system.

Also in the interview, when quizzed about China, O’Brien said:

“Look, there- there’s no deadline. We want to get a good deal. And I think we’re very close to getting a phase one trade deal. And it will be the first time that we’ve had a trade deal where China has actually respected the United States and- and hasn’t, you know, stolen intellectual property, has been fair and reciprocal in trade. So, if we can get a good deal, then we’ll get a good deal. I think we’re very close. And I think if there is a deal, the president and President Xi, will- will get together and sign it. Look, we want great relations with China, but this is the first president that stood up to China that- that has been, you know, stealing American intellectual property. Not all American companies that have access to Chinese markets engage in unfair trade practices. That has to come to an end because the Chinese have been using that to fill- to- to fund one of the most massive military buildups in history. “

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