Why Is The US Behind Russia in Electronic Warfare


MOSCOW – US Lieutenant Colonel said the US is behind Russia in the electronic war. To support the American backwardness, a Russian military analyst presented two factors.

US military personnel are not prepared to face the threats of electronic warfare in the event of military conflict with Russia or China, according to US Lieutenant General Gary Lyke, quoted by the Breaking Defense portal.

Aleksei Podberezkin, director of the Political and Military Research Center of the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO), agreed that the US military “is relaxed.”

“In this case, the problems of the US Armed Forces are linked to favorable conditions for their development. First, it is US geography,” said Aleksei Podberezkin.

Expert explained that the US is located far away and in this sense “feel at ease”. Russia faces much more difficult conditions, the military analyst added.

“On the perimeter of Russia’s borders there are huge amounts of bases, means of electronic warfare. We are obliged to react, so we are always in conditions of electronic warfare, we have real experience,” he explained.

According to Podberezkin, the geographical factor requires Russia to always “be on the lookout, develop and train.”

As the second factor, Aleksei Podberezkin highlighted the primary US use of attack weapons. That is why they do not pay much attention to the means of defense of electronic warfare.

US Delay

According to the Breaking Defense portal, US troops have forgotten the basic lessons of electronic warfare.

The US are improving at a slower rate than we are encountering new problems, explained Lt. Col. Gary Lyke.

The military portal also reinforced that during training, US soldiers do not even turn off cell phones, thus letting out exact location.

According to the US Lieutenant Colonel, the US military always forgets to devise an action plan in the event of a mistake or miscommunication in the mainstream and if someone goes to an additional channel, nobody listens because nobody remembers it.

The US Lieutenant Colonel is confident that Russia and China will use these flaws.

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