Will Evo Morales have a chance to return to Bolivia?

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LA PAZ – Former Bolivian President Evo Morales spoke about the conditions for his return to the country.

The director general of the Hugo Chavez Latin American Cultural Center, Egor Lidovskoi, assessed the situation the former Bolivian president is going through.

Evo Morales has promised to return to the country if parliament does not approve his resignation sent last Sunday, writes the newspaper El Universal.

“My resignation letter is in the [Legislative] Assembly, if the Assembly does not accept it, I will return. Now I feel that I am able to pacify Bolivia,” Morales said in an interview with the Mexican newspaper.

According to the former president, who obtained political asylum in Mexico, it is impossible to bring peace through weapons, as is now being done.

“Peacemaking comes to Bolivia through dialogue, with the participation of the UN, the Catholic Church, and voluntary countries as mediators,” said Morales.

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Russian expert Egor Lidovskoi commented on the statements of the former Bolivian representative.

“I consider that Morales retains the legitimate possibility of returning to the country as president in office. It is evident that the resignation that he presented was made under pressure from the military. It cannot enter into force without being approved by parliament, and there the majority is from the Movement to Socialism (MAS), Morales’ party,” explains Lidovskoi.

“Now this is clear: a civil war broke out after the new authorities, who came to power after the coup d’état, began punitive operations against the indigenous population. This provoked a great unity and a backlash from the indigenous circles, which are most of them in Bolivia. So I think Evo Morales understands that his return could calm the situation – first of all he is concerned about the fate of the indigenous people,” concluded the expert.

Opposition senator Jeanine Áñez proclaimed herself interim president of Bolivia following the resignation of Evo Morales, at a time when the South American country is plagued by severe political instability.

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