Brazil and Russia’s agricultural potentials are much more similar than previously thought


Russian and Brazilian researchers conducted a joint study on agricultural potentials of the two BRICS countries. Results show that Russian and Brazilian farms are much more similar than one might imagine.

Researchers from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration of the Presidency of the Republic of Russia conducted a joint study to identify the agricultural potentials of Russia and Brazil in the context of BRICS cooperation .

Although countries enjoy very different weather conditions, both are world leaders in the export of agricultural commodities: Russia with the export of wheat and Brazil with soy .

The development of agribusiness and its contrast with family farming is also a reality in both countries, accompanied by social tensions arising from the pressures of agro expansion.

In both Russia and Brazil agribusiness accounts for 50% of total agricultural production, and the same logic of export-oriented production is applied by both nations. The lead in agricultural commodity exports was achieved by the giants thanks to the application of high technology in the field.

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The Russians were particularly impressed with the work of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) , which plays a key role in the development of Brazilian agriculture. Russian researchers did not fail to note the essential contribution of universities located in rural areas to increase agricultural productivity in the country.

Already the Brazilian noted the extensive network of schools, libraries and cultural centers that Russia maintains in its rural areas . For them, the Russian system would strengthen the fight against illiteracy and access to culture, significant challenges in rural Brazil.

The researchers believe the outcome of the studies, which has led to robust statistical surveys, will support efforts to further economic cooperation and trade development between countries.

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