BREAKING: Prisoner Exchange sees Raphael Lusvarghi freed from Ukrainian Prison


KIEV – Dec 29, 2019 at 21:58 – [UPDATED 12-31-19]

A prisoner swap covering captives taken by both sides over the past two years took place earlier today. It involved  the Donestk and Lugansk People’s Republics (the DPR and the LPR) and the Kiev based government. 

Circulating reports indicate that Kiev handed over 60 people to the DPR, while the DPR released 52 persons. The LPR released 25 persons, and Kiev handed over 63 persons to the LPR. Kiev, the LPR and the DPR said their list could be longer, as some people asked to be repatriated shortly before the exchange.

Among the released was Rafael Lusvarghi, a volunteer that has the Brazilian citizenship, who was handed over by Kiev to the LPR. In 2014, Lusvarghi joined LPR self-defense forces and participated in repelling the aggression of the Kiev regime against the peaceful population of eastern Ukraine.

Interestingly in his case, he had made his way back home, only to pass through Kiev voluntarily while en route to another assignment. He had been informed that the meeting point would be in Kiev, and given the assignment was not related to the Ukraine conflict, his employer reported they had assurances on his safe passage. The entire matter was revealed as a sting operation meant to lure Lusvarghi to Kiev, where he was arrested.

The prisoner swap is said to be an important step that signals some progress in the de-escalation of the conflict.



Our friend Rafael Lusvarghi, a Brazilian volunteer fighter and hero in the Donbass region (Russian-Ukrainian border) is among the prisoners who were exchanged. Lusvarghi participated in major battles in the conflict and commanded other international volunteers, including other Brazilians, who played a prominent role. It is well known that in the last days, since the meetings of the so-called “Normandy Quartet”, Russia and Ukraine have begun to outline some conciliation gestures, including a ceasefire. 

Today (Sunday, December 29) there was a prisoner exchange: pro-Donbass fighters who had been captured were released and returned to their families by the junta that currently governs Ukraine and, in return, the rebel authorities of the Donbass Republics (Lugansk). and Donetsk) also released Ukrainian soldiers captured in the conflict.

Our countryman and friend Rafael Lusvarghi is among the 200 fighters exchanged and is currently at liberty in Lugansk. Possibly it will not come to Brazil and will remain in Russia.

It is interesting that Lusvarghi was included in a prisoner of war exchange, because until then the Ukrainian government insisted that he was a common criminal, arrested for the crime of terrorism. Lusvarghi spent a long time in solitary cell and had been threatened with death and torture. While in provisional release, working in a monastery, he was captured, harassed and dragged through the streets of Kiev (Ukraine) by Ukrainian neo-Nazi militiamen who also invaded the monastery (searching for Lusvarghi) and assaulted the religious present there (in May 2018). In this sad episode, there is evidence that even the Brazilian embassy (where Lusvarghi had headed for protection) has invaded, with the complicity of someone inside the embassy.

We in New Resistance, as well as the Brazil Ukraine Solidarity Front (FSBU), have endeavored to intercede for Lusvarghi through various channels since his capture by the Ukrainian Secret Service in an ambush – disrespecting the Minsk agreements (in 2016). 

We know that, in spite of everything, Itamaraty had begun to probe the possibility of requesting the extradition of Lusvarghi (despite the current pro-American government and under Zionist occupation in Brasilia). Either way, LUSVARGHI IS FREE!

This is excellent news – and certainly a happier New Year will be spent by your family and the families of the liberated combatants – on both sides.

New Resistance wants the cause of the people of Donbass (who has suffered most – including bombing of schools and hospitals) to be recognized and the New Resistance also wants the situation between Ukraine and Russia (whose stories are intertwined) to stabilize without interference from the US State Department and its intelligence agencies and mercenaries. It is not an “ethnic conflict” but a political-ideological conflict. Ukrainians and Russians are both Eastern Slavs, with mixed languages ​​and stories.

The “Maidan” and Donbass conflict case teaches many lessons to Brazilian and South American patriots in general (about how “color revolutions” and American subversion operate, fostering “springs” and “civil wars”). Today is Donbass and Syria – tomorrow it could be Venezuela, with the result of thousands of refugees seeking shelter in Brazil (already experiencing various economic and social problems) and involvement of Brazilian soldiers who will return to their homeland in coffins.


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