carload of fur coats tells a ghastly tale of burglary and murder

Ukrainian bus ticket in pocket of fur coat "from Europe"


“It threw me into a fever”: A resident of Ukraine told a shocking story about the sale of property of Donbass residents in Lviv

From the very beginning of the war, Ukrainian militants, called “defenders” in their country, in addition to shelling the territory of Donbass with heavy weapons, also broke into homes of Donbass residents, killed them and took property to replenish the pockets of their relatives in Ukraine. “ATO volunteers”, in turn, eagerly helped sell their items. One of the shocking cases was told on her Facebook page by user Lyusya Khramova.

According to the woman, in 2015 she decided to purchase warm clothes before winter, in particular a fur coat.

“In Lviv, quite often moonlighters bring in furs from Europe, furs that they bought there at sales, so you can find a fur coat, albeit not the latest model, but of very good quality.

And then one day I came across an advertisement for the sale of a fur coat. It looked all right, but at some very ridiculous price. Just in case, I called back. It turned out that yes, there is such a fur coat and the price is the same as in the ad. There are also other fur coats, also inexpensive. The woman said that she brings them from Europe herself, and therefore can sell them cheap. As usual, I asked the address where I could see them and try them on. But then the aunt replied that she could come herself, and bring the fur coat. It seemed strange to me but I invited her to meet not far from my house near a small shop. My friend worked there and I could try on a fur coat. At the appointed time, a car drove up to the store, a pretty young woman in a sports jacket, camouflage pants and beret came out of it. Well, you never know how someone dresses. I came up and  she took out a fur coat from the front seat. The fur coat turned out to be completely different from the one in the photo and the size was obviously wrong.

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I said that I won’t even measure it. So the woman suggested that I look at the others and opened the back seat of the car. There were fur coats and fur jackets piled up almost to the ceiling. One by one, she began to get them and show me, and I began to understand that something was wrong. All the fur coats were in good condition, but plainly they were worn and they had a scent. They smelled differently, with different perfumes or something. I could not understand what was happening: either the loop was torn off, or the buttons too. When a normal person sells a fur coat, even if it’s used, he will at least bring it back to normal. And here, more than a dozen fur coats, just dumped in a heap on a seat.
But when there was a bus ticket in one pocket, one of ours, a Ukrainian ticket: these coats were NOT from Europe! I suddenly understood where these coats were coming from. They could only be from the Donbass, in this quantity and condition. My heart sank. I turned and walked away. Lord, if anyone knew how then I felt, sick and ashamed. And this aunt, with a full salon of worn fur coats, said I to myself, was a volunteer,” the woman wrote.

Network users in the comments under the post supported the woman and said that they also often encountered similar cases – it became scary when they understood where home appliances, furniture, clothes, cars and more were coming from.

“When I picture the fate of the former owners of these things, it becomes horrifying and nauseous,” commentators write.

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