Construction of the first bridge linking Russia with China is completed


On the Amur River, construction of the only car bridge between Russia and China has been completed, according to the governor of the Russian Amur region.

On November 29, the governor of the Russian Amur region, Vasily Orlov, announced during the opening of the Amur Economic Forum that the only bridge linking Russia and China has been completed.

Construction began in 2016 and the two-way connection took place on May 31, 2019. The length of the Russian part of the bridge is 540 meters, plus 13 kilometers of access roads. The Chinese part of the bridge is 5.9 kilometers, including the roads.

Although construction has been completed, traffic across the bridge still does not circulate, local journalist Anton Silvonik told the Russian portal

“The building is completely ready , paved, has signs and lighting, but is not yet operational for traffic, because there is still work to be done with the documents and to put into operation the temporary control point that will be located in the previous zone. to the bridge,” he explained.

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The planned traffic is 800 cars per day. Through the bridge is expected to export soy products and polymers from Russia to China. In addition, it is expected that once the bridge is commissioned, which is scheduled for spring 2020, traffic will first be opened for heavy goods vehicles, while non-freight cars will be able to use the bridge in about a year and a half.

Meanwhile, China has developed a digital currency payment system that would allow the Central Bank to issue cryptocurrency to commercial banks and third party payment networks through the Alipay and WeChat Pay platforms.

HCM Capital managing partner Jack Lee said the launch of Electronic Digital Currency Payment (DCEP) could start as a test and would not be intended to completely replace cash.

HCM Capital, which is sponsored by Foxconn Technology Group – one of the top 10 technology companies – has invested in a number of blockchain startups.

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