Greek FM conducts whirlwind tour of Libya, Egypt and Cyprus to isolate Turkey


ATHENS – Greece is continuing its diplomatic efforts aimed at condemning the Ankara-Libya agreement and exploiting the new balances in the eastern Mediterranean.

A diplomatic “sprint” has lately been undertaken by the Greek government, trying to “squeeze” Turkey and exploit the new geopolitical balances that are forming in the eastern Mediterranean.

Athens’ strategy unfolded over the weekend, with Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias going to Benghazi in Libya, Cairo and Larnaca , while Maksimos Palace announced the signing of the interstate agreement between Greece, Israel and Cyprus for the “EastMed” pipeline.

All this, while efforts are under way to demolish and condemn the recent international agreement between Ankara and the Libyan National Reconciliation Government (GNA) on the two countries’ maritime borders.

In this context, Athens has opened communication channels with the Libyan National Army (LNA) and General Haftar, who opposes the GNA’s control of Libya. In fact, the LNA army has begun the “final battle” for the liberation of Tripoli.

On Sunday, Nikos Dendias visited Benghazi, the seat of the LNA government, where he had extensive contacts with General Haftar.

According to the Greek government’s official announcement, the Greek diplomat has referred to the issue of two “non-existent agreements” signed between Turkey and the government of Tripoli, analyzing the Greek positions.

It has also shown that the content of these texts is completely contrary to international law and international maritime law. At the same time, he underlined the need for a political solution to the Libyan crisis in the context of the efforts of the UN Special Representative.

Within the day, there were successive visits to Egypt and Larnaca, where Mr Dendias had contacts with the Foreign Ministers of Egypt and Cyprus respectively to coordinate the actions of the Athens – Cairo – Nicosia – Benghazi axis.

In the meantime, the Maximus Palace has rushed to announce the ratification of the agreement to build the EastMed pipeline, which aspires to carry gas from Israel to Europe via Cyprus and Greece.

It is a move aimed at leaving Turkey out of the energy line in response to the agreement with the Tripoli government.

At the same wavelength, Athens is seeking to continue negotiations with Italy and Egypt with the aim of reaching an agreement on the establishment of an Independent Economic Zone (EEZ).

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