Greek minority blasts Albanian PM for human right violations


With the known tactic of beautifying of the actual conditions and situations experienced by the Greek minority in Albania, in a televised interview with EuroNews, in view of the meeting with the Greek Prime Minister, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama made statements.

The Democratic Union of National Hellenic Minority, insisting that no policy can be promoted that would improve the situation without a frank approach and description of the problems, complains that Rama is against the bilingualism of the Albanian and Greek language in the country, and on the other hand for his proven stubbornness to respond to the problems that the Greek community in Albania are concerned about. Rama has a sense of ostracism that he will pursue a policy of denying fundamental and enshrined rights to the minorities and ultimately abandon efforts to promote other policies that approximate European standards and norms.

Laughing at himself, he probably feels that he will deceive both the EEU players and his political representation.

International reports would rather deny our own complaints about all the negative things that are happening at the expense of the Greek minority and about human rights in general. The recent monitoring of the implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities of the Council of Europe is indicative. There, the propaganda of his interview type does not fit in, nor do the statements for internal consumption.

Focusing on the two issues that the interview raised and which are the most relevant: real estate deprivation in the coastal region where the Greek minority are strong present. He resigned himself a few hours after the interview. If this is what he claims to have done, why after meeting with his Greek counterpart does he say that he will look into the problems of finding solutions with reference to the Greek minority’s requests?

Of course, it throws away the well-known mud that there are some who magnify the problems in order to make policy. We are used to this war, but it is not a disgrace, as it is our obligation to bring the problems and injustices to the expense of the Greeks.

We complain that the Rama Government, by delaying the issuance of those owed by the domestic Law on the Protection of National Minorities as well as the relevant Census Law, is in fact seeking to save time in view of the forthcoming Census Process. So far, the obligation to respect the right to self-determination is unfulfilled and promises to apply to the 2020 Census are legally binding.

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Practices regarding the non-registration of immovable property of individuals, parishes and monks need not be described. They are included in so many reports and even acknowledged by government officials. And the Albanian Investment Agency is a violent means of confiscating real estate of high tourist value, and this is condemned by the opposition and by specialized international organizations such as the World Bank.

Concerning respect for religious freedoms, it suffices to mention cases where churches with state responsibility have not been assigned and continue to be held under state responsibility: Our Lady of Prometheus, Evangelism in Limbochovo, Agios Nicholas in Jara, etc.

The logic of so-called minority zones, which has been denounced by the State Department’s annual reports since the fall of communism, continues to be a major obstacle to the deprivation of rights for large groups of Greeks, besides them. These are rights in the use of mother tongue, learning Greek, public education for children and the like.

This is the situation that Mr Edi Rama refuses to face or which may be a consequence of his own political rationales and aspirations for the abolition of our ancestral outbreaks. The reality cannot be artificially as beautiful as a liar is.

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