Libyan Navy General Staff Faraz al-Mahtawi says he will personally sink Turkish ships


TRIPOLI – Determined not to let Turkey’s deal with the “Government of National Accord (GNA) in Libya” go ahead, it is the opposition military chief, General Haftar, who controls most of the country.

In this context, Navy Chief of Staff Faraz al-Mahtawi, in an interview with Greek Alpha TV, said that if Turkish research vessels appeared off the coast of Libya, he was ordered to sink them.

“I have an order. If the Turkish research ships come, I will have one solution, to sink them myself,” he said.

He said General Haftar would react to the deal and set fire to the GNA and internationally recognized and Turkish-backed Prime Minister Saraj over the agreement: “This agreement was signed by the Turks and Saraj. The Turks wrote it as they wished. The deal is very bad (…) This agreement that the Turks made with Saraj is wrong and will create problems in Greece, Libya, Egypt and Cyprus. Saraj is a Turk, not a Libyan. His grandfather is from Turkey so he had no objection to this agreement.”

Earlier, it became known about the content of the letter sent to the UN by the president of the Libyan National Parliament – who opposes the “national unity government” – Angela Saleh.

“Turkish weapons enter and move through the ports of Misra and Tripoli. It is an obvious and overt military support, which was publicly recognized by the Government of National Agreement,” he said, adding “What is happening under the gaze of the Security Council of the United Nations and the International Sanctions Committee, not to mention the flagrant violation on the part of the Republic of Turkey of Security Council resolutions that have imposed an embargo on exports and supply of weapons to warring factions in Libya.”

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Mr. Saleh also notes that the purpose of the Memorandum is to violate the Turkish troops’ territorial integrity, airspace, ports and territorial waters. “This is an agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding, which will affect the Libyan people, including the Turkish military’s occupation of its territory and the violation of its national sovereignty,” he noted.

It also suggests that the two sides opted for the form of the memorandum (which declared it null and void) rather than the agreement because it does not require approval by the Parliament, but is quick to inform SG.

UN: “Memorandum of Understanding concluding states’ executive powers and not requiring ratification by legislatures should be within the bounds of simple co-operation, which will not entail obligations or threaten the economies of those countries. their safety or they will call into question their national sovereignty.”

Mr Saleh is still skeptical about the choice of the EEZ demarcation itself as he says Libya did not need to. Contrary to the signing of the agreement, it is possible, according to Saleh, to explore natural resources in Turkey.

“The signing of this agreement without ratification by the House of Representatives of Libya aims at giving sovereignty of the State of Libya and its legal rights to the Republic of Turkey to allow it to invest in this area, an unacceptable and invalid fact as contrary to all accepted rules and standards,” said the letter sent to the UN Secretary General on December 2 and first revealed the Pentapostagma.

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