MAJOR: First Ever Fight Broke Out Between Russian and US Troops in Syria


Tal Tamr, Al-Hasakah, Syria – A fistfight broke out between the U.S. and Russian armed forces in the Al-Hasakah Governorate countryside on Christmas, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported. According to the SOHR report, the fistfight broke out in the town of Tal Tamr on December 25th after a U.S. military contingent attempted to collect information from the residents in the area.

The SOHR report said the residents accused the U.S. soldiers of betrayal because of their withdrawal and treated them harshly. The Russian Armed Forces then arrived at the scene and a fistfight broke out between some soldiers on both sides.

No one was reportedly hurt as the incident did not involve weapons. If true, this would be the first time during the Syrian conflict that U.S. and Russian forces have engaged in physical hostilities with one another. It should be pointed out that the Russian Ministry of Defense has since denied this claim, calling the SOHR report a “hoax”.

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