MAJOR: Hong Kong Police Retrieve Pistols, 100+ Live Rounds, Swords (PHOTOS)


Hong Kong, China – In what appears to be the first firearm seizure linked to the massive Western-backed protests, Honk Kong police in the former British colony found a semi-automatic pistol and live ammunition – along with knives and even a katana (a Japanese sword).

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Hong Kong police have carried out raids early on Sunday, as the city braces for another wave of protests against the local and Beijing government. In wake of the searches, officers found an Austrian-made Glock pistol and four magazines, three of which were loaded with a total of 105 live rounds, RT reported.

Glock is particularly valued by police and security forces worldwide for its simplicity, versatility and firepower. Its customized versions are also one of the best-selling firearms on the civilian market. Police have also put on display an array of narrow-bladed knives and a distinctive Japanese katana sword. Nine extendable batons and bottles of pepper spray were showcased as well.

Commenting on the discovery, senior superintendent Lee Kwai-Wa stated there was a group of rioters that planned to use the weapons to incite chaos during the march and impugn the police. The raids were carried out due to a tip-off leading to protesters who hurled petrol bombs at a police station earlier in October. These bombs become a weapon of choice used during recent street battles.

In late November, forensic teams have discovered thousands of Molotov cocktails, gas canisters and bottles full of chemicals at the Polytechnic University. The campus has been turned into a hideout by masked rioters that targeted riot police outside the university premises.

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