MAJOR: Number of Cruise Missiles on Russian Frigates to be Tripled


MOSCOW – The Northern Design Bureau (PKB) in St. Petersburg has designed a project for the 22350M class upgraded missile frigate. Its main feature will be an increase in space for weapons, due to which it will be able to accommodate three times more cruise missiles than it could with the base 22350 class. Namely, the total number of missiles carried by each frigate will be increased from 16 to 48.

“The construction of the main ship under a new refined project could start as early as 2020,” Alexei Rahmanov, head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK), told TASS. He added that, at the moment, the lead ship of the 22350 class, “Admiral Gorshkov”, is already in service.

The first serial-production vessel, “Admiral Kasatonov” is undergoing sea trials, while four more ships of this class are under construction. However, the needs of the Russian Navy are far greater and require the construction of dozens of such vessels, the head of OSK concluded, according to the RG.

The basic version of the 22350 class of ships will have a displacement of 5400 tons. The propulsion power generated by the gas turbines can reach 50,000 horsepower, and it enables the ship to traverse 4,500 nautical miles without additional refueling (this refers to the more economical maritime speed of navigation).

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The maximum speed of the ship on engine afterburner reaches 34 knots (about 65 km/h). It is a superbly armed battleship that will be equipped with the A-192 “Armat” artillery system, as well as the anti-ship version of the “Oniks” and “Kalibr” missiles. Air defense will be provided by the “Poliment-Redut” missile system (naval version of the S-350E Vityaz).

It is the first major water surface craft built in the post-Soviet era. The latest developments in the field of shipbuilding have been applied during the design and construction stages of the project. As for the enlarged 22350M class missile frigates, so far there is little information available about its characteristics. According to military experts, it will be much larger in size than its predecessor.

It is speculated that its total displacement will be as much as 7,000 tons, which exceeds the standards associated with this type of ship. This will open up additional space for the integration of state-of-the-art military technologies and weapons. It is expected that the ships will be armed with perspective hypersonic cruise missiles, as well as the latest modification of the long-range “Kalibr-M” missile.

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