North Korea says it has a “special Christmas gift” waiting for the US


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un informed the military about the complex “internal and external situation” during a meeting of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers Party, state media reports.

“During the meeting, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un reviewed the difficult internal and external situation and said important organizational, political and military measures will be taken to strengthen the country’s armed forces […] as required by the rapidly changing situation at a crucial moment for the Korean revolution,” reports the official North Korean news agency KCNA.

In recent months, North Korea has officially reminded that the deadline given to the US expires later this year, so Washington must make new proposals to Pyongyang to address the situation on the Korean peninsula.

According to the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the North Korean country has met enough with the US and if the Americans do not take reciprocal action now, they will receive a “Christmas gift.”

The deadline for dialogue between North Korea and the US expires at the end of the year, the North Korean Deputy Chancellor Ri Thae Song recalled on Tuesday through a statement released by the KCNA agency.

According to the diplomat, Pyongyang “has been doing everything transparently and publicly,” so “there is no reason to hide what must be done.” On the other hand, “the dialogue expressed by the US is basically a simple ploy to hold [North Korea] to the negotiating table and take advantage of this issue to benefit from the domestic political situation and the election campaign.”

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“We are already fed up with this hum of dialogue that the US has been repeating like a parrot every time it is in a difficult situation, and there will be no one to listen to it.… What is missing now is the decision of the United States, and this decision depends entirely what will be the next Christmas present,” stressed Ri.

In November, North Korean US negotiator Kim Myong-gil said North Korea rejected Washington’s proposal to hold a new meeting in December, saying Pyongyang is not interested in negotiations that simply seek to “appease them.”

The dialogue between countries aims for North Korea and the US to start a new round of negotiations by the end of the year. If the dialogue does not last, North Koreans are likely to leave the nuclear program negotiations and resume their long-range nuclear missile development program.

Last week, South Korean authorities reported detecting missile launches from North Korea, with which the North Korean leader was “very pleased”.

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