North Korea to develop weapon ‘to control US nuclear threat’

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PYONGYANG – In a statement to the North Korean press, the North Korean Army chief of staff said recent evidence would serve to develop other strategic weaponry.

“The valuable data, experience and new technologies gained from recent national defense science research evidence will be fully applied to the development of other strategic weapons of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to safely and reliably deter and control the US nuclear threat,” Pak Jong Chon general, chief of Staff of the north Korean Army said according the KCNA agency.

Previously, the country had conducted a major test on its territory’s Sohae cosmodrome.

Such events are believed to be preparation for the future launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Still according to the general, the advance in the development of new weapons would be important for the “preservation of the balance of forces”.

In addition, Pak Jong Chon assured that the country has been successful in developing military technology .

“We have already accumulated enormous forces,” added the general.

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In a threatening tone, the North Korean official stated that “the US and other hostile forces could pass the end of the year in peace if they refrain from any verbal act that irritates our country.”

Meanwhile, satellite imagery indicates that North Korea is building a new submarine capable of launching ballistic missiles, experts say.

The suspicion was raised by researchers at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies, United States, after analyzing satellite images obtained by the American company Planet Labs.

In one of the photos taken on day three, about thirteen objects like pillars are visible along a dike, while vehicles were working on some joint activity on site, published the analysis of experts on the Japanese NHK news agency.

After more than a week, new photographs showed an object about 100 meters long along the dike. The size would be much larger than the usual dimensions of conventional North Korean submarines.

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