Russia prepared to repel NATO aggression, says Russian senator


Russia is poised to face a large-scale military conflict that NATO could unleash, and the Russian high command has already taken the necessary steps, Franz Klintsevich, a member of the Federation Council’s Senate Defense and Security Committee said on Wednesday.

Russian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Valery Guerasimov spoke on Tuesday to military attaches from foreign countries and stated that the intensification of NATO exercises means that the alliance is preparing a major military conflict.

“Russia’s defensive capability is of a very high standard, the country’s military leaders have already taken all the necessary steps to act effectively in case they develop this negative roadmap,” Klintsevich said.

According to the senator, the “collective West” in the NATO figure makes it possible for the territories of the former Soviet Baltic republics and Warsaw Pact expansions to serve as a stage for military operations.

“This procedure can only interest us deeply, especially in the context of the US exit from the INF Treaty on medium and short range missiles,” he mused.

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Although Russia does not prepare any incursions, the West attributes these plans to him and presents him as an aggressor, and uses this as a pretext to increase NATO’s military power, the senator emphasized.

Meanwhile, the United States is aware of Russia’s growing presence in Syria, but is more concerned about Moscow’s expansion into Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said.

In recent months, the Russian Military Police have routinely patrolled with Turkish forces in the Syrian-Turkish border area to prevent the resumption of hostilities. The action came after US troops withdrew from the area in the face of the Turkish operation against Kurdish allies with the United States.

Esper explained that his biggest concern includes close relations between Turkey and Russia and that Ankara is potentially coming out of NATO’s orbit.

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