Russia will continue cooperation with Bolivia on energy projects


LA PAZ – Russia will continue to cooperate with Bolivia on hydrocarbon and nuclear energy projects agreed with the government of the ousted President Evo Morales, said the Moscow ambassador to that South American country, Vladimir Sprinchan.

“The Minister [of Bolivia’s Hydrocarbons, Víctor Hugo Zamora] ratified all the projects that are being carried out, which are in drafts; we have established that we are going to invite representatives of our Russian companies (…), who are going to travel to Bolivia to analyze [and] review those projects,” the diplomat told state news agency ABI.

Sprinchan made these statements after meeting with Zamora, with whom he reviewed developing projects, within the framework of cooperation agreements signed in past years.

The ambassador confirmed that on December 10 a mission of the Russian firm Rosatom will arrive in Bolivia to inspect the works of the Nuclear Technology Research and Development Center, which that group builds in the city of El Alto, neighboring La Paz, with a 300 million dollar investment.

Sprinchan added that representatives of Russian companies Gazprom and Acron will also arrive before the end of the year to continue projects already defined.

In July, Gazprom signed an agreement with the state oil company Petroleum Federales Bolivianos (YFPB) to invest 1,200 million dollars in the exploration and development of the Vitiacua area, in the Southeast Chaco, where it is estimated that there is a reserve of 2.3 billion cubic feet of gas.

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Acron and YPFB agreed in mid-October to create a joint venture to market fertilizers produced from natural gas in factories owned in Bolivia and Brazil in Brazilian territory.

That agreement establishes that from 2021 YPFB will sell to Acron about 2.2 million cubic meters of natural gas per day that will be industrialized in the Brazilian petrochemical complex Tres Lagunas, purchased by Acron.

YPFB will immediately control 12%, which will grow 30% in the medium term, in that industrial plant, Bolivian oil company announced.

The joint projects with Rosatom, Gazprom and Acron are part of a vast cooperation program defined during two visits by former President Evo Morales to Russian ruler Vladimir Putin, in 2018 and 2019.

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