Russian air defense will receive new advanced weapons


MOSCOW – Russian air defense troops will receive new weapons of physical principle, said Lieutenant General Alexandr Leonov, head of the Russian air defense forces.

The term refers to weapons based on the latest technologies, for example, laser and high frequency weapons.

“In the future, air defense forces are expected to receive new weapons of physical principle that are currently being developed,” Leonov said in an interview published by the Russian Armed Forces newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda.

Leonov also warned of the increasing use of drones by terrorists and other countries.

“Armed forces from other states and illegal armed groups are increasingly using unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs or drones],” he warned.

The head of Russia’s air defense forces added that such a threat could soon grow in Syria as well as in other countries.

The work that illegal armed groups are doing to improve UAVs and ways to use them is a sign that threats related to the use of UAVs in terrorist attacks could grow not only in Syria, but in any country in the near future,” said Leonov.

Meanwhile, Western experts have underestimated the characteristics of the Russian hypersonic missile Tsirkon, writes German journalist Gernot Krumper.

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Kramper’s article published in Stern magazine points out that the latest military advance developed by Russian engineers is capable of traveling at a speed of 11,000 kilometers per hour.

“Five minutes will be enough to reach and destroy the Pentagon,” writes Krapper.

In this connection, the journalist is convinced that experts did not expect such effectiveness from the Tsirkon missile.

In particular, Western analysts previously estimated the speed of the Russian naval missile at 6,000 kilometers per hour.

The author of the publication states that Tsirkon not only exceeded expectations: in fact, this weapon cannot be intercepted due to its very high speed and significant range of a thousand kilometers.

“Only electronic defense systems and laser weapons are capable of countering these missiles effectively,” Krumper said.

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