The Fort Russ News team wishes our readers a very Merry Christmas


Myself and the FRN team would like to wish you a very merry Christmas this year, as every year, to our western calendar observers.

Looking back it’s been yet another tremendous year in news and world events. There’s much to be concerned with, and much to be inspired by and find hope in.

It is our most sincere hope that you and yours are in good health, and are feeling the spirit on the eve of this very holy day. For those of you who are not, we give a prayer that you are able to find health, comfort, and solace, and that at the very least you are among loved ones.

FRN looks forward to 2020, as we feel tremendous gratitude to you, our readers, who in turn rely on our team to find, unwrap, and deliver the biggest geopolitical and anti-imperialist stories in the world today.

In 2014, when FRN was founded, many events had us very worried. While there are a number of hot spots where things could destabilize or get worse, we have to count our blessings that, on the whole, a few major situations have improved. Who would have thought in 2014 that the DPR and LPR would still be independent, or that the Atlanticist powers would have actually left Crimea entirely alone? Who would have thought that the people of Syria would succeed in defending their sovereignty? Looking back, we can take some consolation in those developments.

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God bless each and every one of you. We want the message of faith, hope, forgiveness, salvation, and gratitude to permeate everywhere, and especially during this season. When that message is received, a lot of the mundane and secular things of the day and of the times, that once seemed to matter, suddenly disappears.

For our part, we’re counting our blessings and thinking very deeply about the meaning of this high holy day – one that is perennially profound.

Thank you in turn for your wishes and prayers, and many happy returns to you.

– Joaquin


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