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Want to know what the US defense budget does? Read the German press! We have it here

Published 2019-12-16 19:42:59 by Tom Winter in Headline-News, United-States

This round-up by Florian Rötzer for TELEPOLIS is better and more comprehensive than anything in the US press, so here we go — translator The compromise reached between the Senate and the House of Representatives includes making tactical nuclear weapons, committing to NATO and increasing the European Deterrence Initiative to almost 7.5 billion. The struggle over the Pentagon’s budget has been a long one. The Republicans were able to remove some important brakes on the merger that were in the Democrat-dominated House version. Now the Budget Act (NDAA 2020) will go to the House of Representatives and the Senate again… Continue ->

Tags: NDAA 2020, Sanctions, US Congress

BREAKING: Novorussian Forces Shoot Down a Ukrainian Strike Drone on its way to Donetsk

Published 2019-12-16 12:00:49 by Drago Bosnic in Color-Revolution, Donbass, Eu, Eurasia, Headline-News, Nato, Politics, Russia, Ukraine

An unmanned aerial vehicle carrying an explosive device was shot down by Donetsk People’s Republic soldiers on December 15, the Donetsk News Agency reported. “Our reconnaissance personnel stationed in the area of the town of Maryinka (southwest of Donetsk – note by Rossa Primavera News Agency) detected an unmanned aerial vehicle launch by the soldiers of the 28th Ukrainian brigade. The drone was on its way to the residential areas of the Trudovskaya mine, but was destroyed by well-coordinated actions of our soldiers at the border of the (Donetsk People’s) Republic,” – the press service of the DPR People’s Militia Department… Continue ->

Tags: Novorossia, Ukraine, War


Published 2019-12-16 11:00:36 by Guest Author in Faith, Headline-News

By Artemy Slezkin – The following words belong to a great Russian ascetic of the nineteenth century: “Live each day as if you were about to die on that day. If we can die any time, we must be ready to die any time. Always be what you want to be at the moment of death.” These are keywords for Christians. For Christians believe and know that human life does not end after death—it continues in another, spiritual world, entering its main and everlasting phase. And this “great transition” may occur at any moment of our life on earth. That… Continue ->

Tags: Faith, God

Yemeni Army Warns Saudi-Led Coalition Against Further Hudaydah Truce Violations

Published 2019-12-16 10:00:30 by Drago Bosnic in Headline-News, Ksa, Mena, Yemen

SANA’A – The spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces warned against the continued violation of a UN-backed agreement signed between representatives from the Houthi Ansarullah movement and the Riyadh-sponsored government of ex-President, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, in Sweden last year, saying such infringements have led to the deaths and injuries of hundreds of civilians. Brigadier General Yahya Saree said on Saturday that the Saudi-led coalition and its mercenaries continue to flout the agreement and keep on implementing escalatory steps in the strategic Red Sea port city of Hudaydah, stressing that such actions will have dire repercussions, PressTV reported. “While our forces… Continue ->

Tags: Houthis, Saudi Arabia, War, War Crimes, Yemen

MAJOR: WikiLeaks Released Unredacted Documents of OPCW Douma Report Showing Changes in Final Version

Published 2019-12-16 09:00:03 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Color-Revolution, Crime, Eurasia, Headline-News, Isis, Mena, Politics, Russia, Syria, United-States

The WikiLeaks website released its third package of documents concerning a chemical weapons report on the Syrian city of Douma published by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). It includes a memorandum written in protest by one of the scientists that participated in the fact-finding mission (FFM) – and the final report “with relevant comments from a member of the original FFM”, RIA Novosti reported. The memo reveals that around 20 scientists (“the FFM core team”) who participated in the FFM in Douma were not involved in writing the final version and an almost entirely new team was assembled to… Continue ->

Tags: Chemical Weapons Attack, Douma, False Flag, OPCW, US Imperialism

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BREXIT: Is the UK About to Dissolve? (VIDEO)

Published 2019-12-16 08:12:42 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Eu, Headline-News, Politics, Scotland, United-Kingdom

LONDON – Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday that he can’t hold Scotland in the United Kingdom against the country’s own will. Shortly after the election results were announced earlier in the week, Sturgeon renewed calls for a second independence referendum in Scotland. “You cannot hold Scotland in the union against its will … If the United Kingdom is to continue it can only be by consent. And if Boris Johnson is confident in the case for the union then he should be confident enough to make that case and allow people to… Continue ->

Tags: Boris Johnson, Brexit, Independence, Politics, Scotland, UK

North Korea to develop weapon ‘to control US nuclear threat’

Published 2019-12-16 03:00:17 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, North-Korea, United-States

PYONGYANG – In a statement to the North Korean press, the North Korean Army chief of staff said recent evidence would serve to develop other strategic weaponry. “The valuable data, experience and new technologies gained from recent national defense science research evidence will be fully applied to the development of other strategic weapons of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to safely and reliably deter and control the US nuclear threat,” Pak Jong Chon general, chief of Staff of the north Korean Army said according the KCNA agency. Previously, the country had conducted a major test on its territory’s Sohae… Continue ->

Tags: DPRK, North Korea, US

Russia is ‘island of stability’ amid global turmoil

Published 2019-12-16 02:00:31 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia

MOSCOW – Russia has strengthened this year and remains one of the few “islands of stability” in the midst of a turbulent world, the Kremlin spokesman said during a program broadcast on Saturday on Channel 1. “This is a time of change. Russia remains an island of stability in an ocean of turbulence. I am confident about that,” Dmitry Peskov told Big Game. Peskov told the broadcaster that Russia had resisted global events that occurred in recent years that were inconceivable a decade ago. “We are now witnessing profound changes in diplomacy, international law, the rules of the game that… Continue ->

Tags: Russia

Space race? China prepares to explore life-ready planets

Published 2019-12-16 01:00:02 by Paul Antonopoulos in China, Eurasia, Headline-News

BEIJING – The Chinese government will launch the Miin program in 2030 to explore outer space beyond the solar system and find suitable planets for life. “This project will be China’s next breakthrough in basic research,” said Yuan Jie, executive director of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). Beijing plans to launch a series of spacecraft with modern telescopes, infrared detectors and other sensors to monitor the space areas adjacent to our galaxy, thus seeking extraterrestrial life, Jie said. Scientists will first look for water and measure temperature regimes that ensure the survival of humans, animals, plants, insects and… Continue ->

Tags: China, Mars, Space

Arms race? Check out Russia’s technological advances in 2019 after INF treaty ended

Published 2019-12-16 00:03:24 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia

MOSCOW – In 2019 Russia developed modern and unmatched weaponry, while INF treaty came to an end after leaving the US and Russia. While relations between Washington and Moscow remain strained, Russia marked the year with the launching of missiles and featuring a host of highly modern weapons equipment, many of which were without analogs. However, progress has also been made as the US decided to withdraw from one of the instruments that prevented an arms race with Russia , the Intermediate Reach Nuclear Forces Treaty, better known as the INF treaty. In giving an interview, Russian political scientist Dmitry… Continue ->

Tags: Russia

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