Venezuelan minister accuses Brazil of involvement in attack on military unit


CARACAS – Venezuela’s vice president of Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodríguez, denounced the involvement of Brazil and Colombia in an attack on a military unit in southern Venezuelan territory.

At least one military man died on Sunday in an armed attack by opposition groups against a military unit in southern Venezuela in a state bordering Brazil, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López said on Twitter.

“At dawn today a military unit was attacked in the south of the country by extremist sectors of the opposition, and a batch of weapons from that unit was stolen,” the minister said. According to the leader, the “terrorist attack” left an army soldier dead.

Venezuela’s vice president of Communication, Tourism and Culture, Jorge Rodriguéz, said the crime had the involvement of the Brazilian government. In addition, the “criminals” would have been trained in Colombia, according to the head of the portfolio, which is part of the executive cabinet of the Venezuelan government.

‘Malicious Government Collaboration of Jair Bolsonaro’

“These criminals were trained in fully identified camps in Colombia, and received the malicious collaboration of the Jair Bolsonaro government,” he said on Twitter.

Rodriguéz said six criminals were arrested and the stolen weapons and objects recovered.

Padrino López, in turn, explained that the region’s military and police officers intervened and started a persecution against the perpetrators of the attack.

“Right now, the detainees are providing information of criminal interest and the FANB [Bolivarian National Armed Force] and other state security agencies are active in the pursuit of the rest of the terrorists,” the defense minister added.

According to local press, the attack took place in Battalion 513 Mariano Montilla, in the Luepa sector, in the municipality of Gran Sabana, in the state of Bolivar.

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