18 Critical Facts in Solving PS752 Crash Mystery

From Emma Leigh Fiala



From Emma Leigh Fiala

Be advised: The following are very scary Iranian talking points. Protect yourself from the propaganda by surrounding yourself with garlic before reading any further.

This morning the head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Administration gave a press conference based on what the officials currently know. (FYI: This is translated and therefore might not be quite accurate).


As far as it is known the plane was not hit by a missile.

Judgment must be held back until all the technical information is available.

After the take off the pilot contacted the airport control tower for permission to climb to 26,000 feet. The permission was given.

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Two minutes later a fire broke out on the plane.

There was no communication after that but the pilots may have been too busy. The cockpit voice recorder will give more answers.

Twelve groups have been formed to investigate the accident and the accident site.

U.S. officials have asserted to have documents or other evidence that shows a missile incident. If they have such they are required to step forward and present it to the investigation.

Video shows that the burning aircraft flew for 60-70 seconds. If the aircraft had been hit by a missile it would have dropped immediately and there would be a very large debris field like it happened with flight MH17 in Ukraine.

All countries affected by the accident can name a liaison person or take part in the investigation.

Then followed an explanation for the delayed departure of the plane:

The plane arrived the night before the flight.

Both pilots went to the hotel for rest but only for three hours.

The passengers were mostly holiday guests who carried a lot of luggage.

The boarding process took a long time.

The weather condition at that time were also not suitable.

The pilot requested extra fuel.

The number of passengers, the luggage and the extra fuel added up to more than the plane can carry.

The pilot ordered to off-load some luggage.

All this was a normal process that can happen on any flight.

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