A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE TO FRN READERS – Christ is born! Glorify Him!

By Lucas Leiroz

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By Lucas Leiroz


In Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Dear brothers and comrades, today we celebrate one of the most important feasts of Christianity: the birth of Jesus Christ, which theologically means the incarnation of God in human flesh. The great mystery of salvation: God becomes Man, and now man can become God.

Every year, since the Apostles Era, we celebrate this feast at Church and with our families, preserving the most ancient traditions and reviving the mystical moment in which the Logos became Human flesh and received gifts from the Magi. Christ, the God and Man, knowing the human nature that fills every man and the passions and specificities of every man, gives every man the specific signs and symbols necessary for his conversion and salvation. So, the Kings, masters in the art of astrology, recognized the True God through the natural symbol they knew to adore: the celestial body, through the most brilliant star in the skies, and viewing in the own Baby the True Sun of Justice.

Nowadays, this feast remembers us a lot of things we need to remind in these hard times. What means Christmas today? Is it still the incarnation of the Lord? For the orthodox world this reality survives anyway, but for the greatest part of humanity it does not. Christmas is nowadays nothing more than a simple holyday in which people give gifts each other mutually, without any spiritual mean.

When the communist regimes arose in the East, the atheist dictators tried to abolish the Church through military means, imposing materialism violently, destroying traditional parishes and cathedrals, killing clerics and blaspheming icons. For their surprise, the Church does not weaken under persecution, rather becomes stronger and the bloody of the Martyrs revitalizes the Divine Faith.

Under capitalism, however, the Church suffered in another perspective. For decades, the liberal persecution against the Church was occulted and most of orthodox men and women lived their lives in apparent comfort and peace, going weekly to theirs parishes and participating periodically in the Mysteries. But, something was wrong. Indeed, they were not the same faithful their ancestors were; rather their spiritual life became part of a simple bourgeois daily, a routine in the place before occupied by the battle against the demons.

Now, the consequences are becoming clearer day after day. The West pressured Church with all the possible means and got to raise the ecumenist mentality among the Greeks, resulting in the infamous actions of the Ecumenical Patriarch, recognizing a schismatic church in Ukraine under the “blessing” of the American and Israeli Embassies and violating the Russian Canonical territory and all the Canons of the Orthodox Church.

The infamous ANAXIOS Ecumenical Patriarch got the support from the Western elites in Ukraine, Europe and the US, also from the Catholic Church and the Uniates. Other orthodox jurisdictions followed the heresy of Constantinople under pressure from the West. The Ecumenical Patriarchate pressured Alexandria to decide to support Ukrainian schismatic conditioning the financial support they give to the African jurisdiction to this recognition. Also, the European Union pressured the Greeks to the same decision with the money they send to the Greek government.

Now we can see perfectly the real violence with which capitalism treats the Church and what the western elites regarded to the Christians for decades. The situation remembers us the signs of the times previewed by the Fathers: the apostasy of Constantinople and the rise of the Church of the Antichrist.

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We know by the prophecies that he will govern the whole world in Jerusalem, where he will be adored as a god and will persecute the Church everywhere. We also know that Russia will be a focus of resistance and that the Christian Empire will be restored there and will fight the Antichrist until the eschatological Second Coming of the Lord, Who will reign endlessly.

The Antichrist will govern the whole world, which is possible only under a real advanced stage of globalization. The real fear we, as Christians, feel when contemplate the world today is basically one: we are living in the Civilization of the Antichrist.

We all know this moment will arrive. We do not know when and how, but we cannot ignore the signs. Also, we do not have to accelerate this process or desire to see the Last Days and the Second Becoming because before these events there will be long times of persecution, fear and apostasy. We are not prepared for these torments. We need to postpone it as well as it is possible for us and desired by God.

This is why our struggle for a multipolar world is an eschatological one: fighting globalization we are fighting the Civilization of the Antichrist, and fighting his civilization we are fighting the Antichrist himself. Multipolarity is the real Katechon of our times.

The geopolitical signs of possibility to build a multipolar world are the greatest gifts from God to us in our times. He is sending us the sings of the times but also the necessary means to postpone the Eschatological Event as well as it is possible and good for us.

The last year was a year of big advances and retractions in the battle for multipolarity. We gained some points and lost others. The crisis in the Church was of course our greatest lost and we need to act and pray incessantly for the best solution of this problem.

In 2020 new challenges wait for us. Let’s work and pray, and so, with the synergy resultant of both our actions and Divine Mercy, we will get our temporal victory over the Enemy of Mankind or, if God judges better for us, the necessary force to pass by the upcoming torments.


In Christ,

Lucas Leiroz

FRN Reader



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