BREAKING: Operation Martyr Soleimani – Second Wave of Missiles Strike US Targets in Iraq


BAGHDAD – A second series of rockets have been launched toward US targets in Iraq, shortly after dozens of missiles struck US military facilities in the area in the very early hours of Wednesday, January 8th, FRN has been able to confirm.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) has once again warned allies of the US against from getting involved in their operation – dubbed “Martyr Soleimani” – and have threatened possible retaliation, according to Tehran-based Tasnim News Agency.

Around five rockets have struck Camp Taji – a US coalition base located 27 kilometers north of Baghdad, Iraq – according to a military source cited by VOA News’ Carla Babb.

Iranian media disputes this lower number, but nevertheless we find that Americans have generally confirmed that Iran has successfully struck American occupational bases.

Earlier Wednesday morning, approximately 35 missiles were launched and struck US targets in Erbil, Iraq and the country’s Ayn al-Asad Air Base, which houses US military forces.

Several days ago, the Iraqi parliament moved to suspend the U.S ‘peace keeping’ presence in Iraq. Initially, the US wrote a letter to the general command including Iraqi military leaders, stating their intention to relocate US forces out of the country. Then in a sudden reversal, the US president threatened Iraq with sanctions and the Pentagon made an official announcement stating that the letter stating the intent to withdrawal was a ‘kerfuffle’ – an American folk slang expression referring to a minor error without particular blame, carrying a lighthearted connotation as the onomatopoeia would indicate.

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