Colonel Cassad: The Real Meaning of the Merkel-Putin Meeting – More than Nord Stream

By Colonel Cassad


By Colonel Cassad

Briefly about the visit of German Chancellor Merkel to Moscow.

1. Merkel said that the Nord Stream-2 will be completed in any case, even despite American sanctions. Despite Washington’s demands that this project be considered “political,” Merkel defended it with all her might (in fact, protecting large German businesses that were threatened by sanctions), declaring that the project was “purely economic” and “Europe would benefit from it” (in Poland and the Baltic states from a similar German front, they probably tensed).

 Moreover, it is worth noting Putin’s reservation that Nord Stream 2 will be completed at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. You have to understand that this is the price of American Sanctions – somewhere up to a year of delay in full commissioning. So the additional sanctions introduced along with the adoption of the US military budget are not so harmless,

2. Germany and the Russian Federation support the preservation of the nuclear deal with Iran “by all parties.” A thick hint that the United States is the culprit in the disruption of the nuclear deal. On the other hand, in its current form, a “nuclear deal” is not workable – Europe is too afraid of the United States to give Iran what it wants. Therefore, Iran removed the restrictions on uranium enrichment. The probability of Trump returning to the previous terms of the transaction is zero. The likelihood of Iran’s readiness to renegotiate the deal on new conditions that are more favorable for the United States also tends to zero.

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3. It is proposed to create a “Berlin format” for a diplomatic solution to the Libyan conflict. The Italians obviously did not cope with the negotiation process, and now Germany is invited to enter the arena to put Sarraj and Haftar at the negotiating table, if only before they start,

4. Putin de facto recognized the actions of PMCs in Libya, but said that their actions are not part of public policy and they actually act there “on their own.” Reception is not new. The role of “polite people” in Crimea and “vacation specialists” in the Donbas was also initially rejected. Then it was indirectly recognized. So a similar rhetorical device was repeated in Libya.
Haftar’s support, of course, has not been exhausted and PMCs are not exhausted. On the other hand, the Kremlin shows that it is ready to agree on Libya, which is consistent with statements by the PNS that the Russian PMCs have stopped participating in the Haftar attack on Tripoli and agreements with Erdogan on the need truce.

5. And just in the manner of humor, “the victim in the Congo Prigogine” was arrested at Munich Airport. True, it later turned out that he was “arrested” there in much the same way as he had “died” before in a plane crash in Congo. In general, the adventures of Prigogine and Utkin continue.

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