Commemorating Aushchwitz in Poland is wrong, says major Russian Jewish leader

By Arthur Priymak


By Arthur Priymak for EAD – Observing the Holocaust commemorative dates in Auschwitz is wrong, said Alexander Boroda , chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEOR). Boroda is against celebrating the day of the release of prisoners of the Auschwitz death camp, January 27th.

“ Now the director of Auschwitz – this is a very interesting post – spoke out against the forum in Jerusalem, that it kind of undermines the annual ritual event in Auschwitz and people, presidents do not come to Auschwitz. It seems to me that the tradition to come to Poland on the occasion of Holocaust remembrance day is a bad practice, ”said the head of FEOR.

The director of the Auschwitz memorial museum, Peter Civil, on the eve of the condemned the organization of the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Russian President Vladimir Putin came to this forum, the Israelis honored Putin as a popular politician in Israel. The Jerusalem Forum was organized by the Israeli Presidential Administration, the Yad Vashem Memorial Institute, and Vyacheslav Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress.

According to the director of the museum in Auschwitz, Vyacheslav Kantor has tried many times to divert the attention of the world community from Auschwitz as a place where, according to tradition, all events of international importance on the Holocaust are held.

“Five years ago, he simultaneously tried to invite the heads of state to the Czech Republic, to Theresienstadt (Theresienstadt is the name of a concentration camp for Jews organized by the Nazis in 1939 in the town of Theresienstadt near Prague; 33,000 people were killed in Theresienstadt, 88,000 people were transferred to death camps. ). Such attempts are provocative and immature, ” Civilny said in an interview with Polish media.

In April last year, the museum’s management in Auschwitz planned to hold a large-scale forum of heads of state on January 27, 2020. In particular, the Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergey Andreev, was presented with an invitation addressed to Vladimir Putin.

“This anniversary, this memory shows one of the most important foundations of post-war life in Europe and in the world. People who make security decisions in the world are well aware that you only need to be here on this day, ”Civilny said in the spring of 2019.

“Leaders of states come not only to Auschwitz. They come to Poland and thereby give status, honor, legitimization of how the Polish leadership and Poles behaved during the Second World War towards Jews, ”said Beard.

Recall that in Poland there is still a scandal over the fact that Putin at the end of 2019 called the Polish ambassador to Hitler Germany “an anti-Semitic pig.” In 1938, the Polish ambassador Jozef Lipsky promised Hitler: if he finds a way to cleanse Europe of the Jews as soon as possible, a magnificent monument will be erected in Poland.

The head of the FEOR noted that it would be much more correct to celebrate the Day of Tragedy and Heroism in Jerusalem.

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“Jerusalem is translated as the“ city of the world. ” This is a city that strives for the truth about what happened in the past, sets the world for the future. I would like it to become a tradition to spend January 27 in Jerusalem, and not in Auschwitz, ”said Alexander Beard.

Earlier, the co-chairman of the Russian Holocaust Foundation Ilya Altman, in an interview spoke as follows:

“I have repeatedly made proposals to Israeli partners working with students from families of repatriates from the Soviet Union – let’s think about the trips of children and parents to Holocaust places in the former USSR. Here, and not in the death camps, almost half of all Jews in Europe were killed . 

In particular, Altman considers undeserved the oblivion of the mass executions of Jews in the Rostov Region by the Nazis in August 1942 in the town of Zmieva Balka near Rostov-on-Don. Zmieva Balka is called Babi Yar on the Don, 27 thousand people were killed there.

“We consider it necessary, in the days of memory of the victims of the Holocaust, to invite Jews from all over the world and world leaders to Zmieva Balka and Rostov,” Altman told a news agency correspondent.

The annual thousands of visits to Auschwitz for the museum’s directorate, the city hall and the Polish government have become a familiar profitable business for the tragedy of millions of people. Auschwitz makes a special calculation for tourists from Israel – especially schoolchildren with parents and youth. This tourist flow in Poland and Israel is called “Holocaust tourism.”

“Already on the plane, having gained confidence in me, Israeli students showed me a printed guidebook with detailed explanations of how to order a prostitute, how to find striptease and a casino banned in Israel. The guys were constantly accompanied by the obsessive aroma of hash, which is difficult to confuse with something. I watched the barbarism of Israeli ” Holocaust tourists ” in hotels. With me, the hotel administration detained a bus with ” Holocaust tourists . ” Literally every Israeli souvenir stolen from the hotel was taken from his suitcase — towels, glasses, tableware, and even the unscrewed “ for memory ”shower faucet. Groups from Israel at Auschwitz are waiting with trembling legs. The arrival of the Israelis is like an avalanche from the mountains. Such a scream, rudeness, dirt and demands to increase attention to his snotty, dirty and ill-bred person was not noticed from anyone. Allocates we, “ the victims of the Holocaust “ , “- sarcastically describes the ” tourism of the Holocaust “at Auschwitz, who lives in the US writer Michael Dorfman , a native of the city.

In Krakow, 40 kilometers from which Auschwitz is located, the yellow stars of David are sold as souvenirs to tourists – a full souvenir copy of the stripes that Jews were required to wear in ghettos and concentration camps. On the eve of January 27 in Auschwitz, the daily rent of apartments and rooms, which are usually cheap in the city by Russian standards, rises sharply. Many Auschwitz residents earn as apartment renters through Holocaust tourism.


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