Guaido Suffers Third Humiliation – Storms Parliament Building in Failed Stunt


CARACAS – Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido staged another stunt in the wake of being rejected by the very U.S friendly opposition which he claims to lead. Two days ago, timing his move ‘wisely’ to achieve maximum world-news attention at the height of the Iran crisis, Guaido broke through the cordon of the police, and entered the parliament building. Here is where he once again swore an oath and proclaimed himself the country’s interim president. This was reported on Twitter by the opposition.

The oath of Guaido was taken by the first vice president of the National Assembly. Popular reports indicate this was the result of a direct promise or exchange of favors, as the assembly’s opposition bloc has already declared Guaido a persona-non-grata. 

Supporters of Juan Guaido, who declared himself the interim president of Venezuela previously in early 2019 as well, said he would remain as speaker of the Venezuelan parliament for the next term. However, on January 5, 2020, the deputies of the National Assembly of Venezuela elected a new head of parliament, they became a supporter of the official authorities Luis Parra.

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro confirms the results of the vote, and indicated ‘humorous bewilderment’ to  local press that Guaido’s ongoing and continually failing antics go on without end.

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