How Nazis are Preparing to ‘Reintegrate’ Donbass (VIDEO)


Special thanks go to Tom Winter, Tim Kirby and Russell “Texas” Bentley

KIEV – Ever since the 2014 NATO-backed coup, Ukraine has been in a state of a perpetual downward spiral. In every way possible. Ukraine’s economy has been experiencing a double-digit recession every year since 2014. According to some estimates, Ukraine lost a staggering sum of up to $80 billion due to the 2014 coup which stopped its trade with Russia, the country’s main trading partner.

However, a far worse decline happened in parallel with economic hardships – an absolute moral bankruptcy, fostered by the most extremist groups, spilling over to other parts of Ukrainian society. Various armed Neo-Nazi paramilitary groups have been the main symptom of such developments. And such groups are still very much relevant and more than ready to kill the people of Donbass.

The following video shows that Nazism is still very much alive and as destructive as ever. The video is in Ukrainian and parts of it aren’t entirely intelligible, however, one doesn’t really need to understand what the participants are saying. Their actions and Nazi uniforms speak for them.

“Are you ready for the ‘reintegration’ of Donbass? – Ja, ja.”

Videos like this one remind us of why have the people of Donbass so fiercely resisted the Nazi invaders for almost 6 years now and also explain why there have been so many volunteers from all over the world, coming and fighting for Donbass and Novorussia. As the Russian Prince and Hero of Novgorod said:

Who comes to us sword in hand, by the sword will die.

– St. Alexander Nevsky

The Hero of Donbass paraphrased these words magnificently:

Who comes to us flamethrower in hand, by flamethrower will fry. 

– Russell “Texas” Bentley

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