Iraqi Forces Capture a ‘Moderately’ Bloated ISIS Mufti


Nineveh Governorate, Iraq – The special operations command of the Iraqi security forces announced on Wednesday that their units carried out a special operation to arrest the Islamic State’s mufti, Shifa’a Al-Ni’mah (AKA “Abu ‘Abdel-Bari”), in the Nineveh Governorate.

The Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) mufti was found by the Iraqi special operations forces as he was hiding in the Nineveh countryside, in the vicinity of the Iraqi border with Syria. According to reports, Ni’mah was the second-highest-ranking “justice” figure in the terrorist organization before his arrest by the Iraqi security forces.


As shown in the photos above, the Islamic State’s mufti was in poor health during his arrest earlier this week. The special operation of the Iraqi security forces took place in the broader area outside of the Iraqi city of Mosul and was conducted without any major issues.

However, after the arrest, the Iraqi special operations personnel had “moderate” trouble getting the arrested “moderate mufti” out of the cramped room in which was found. They also had trouble loading the “moderate mufti” into a special pickup truck, primarily due to his “moderate” weight.

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