Is WWIII coming? It’s already on – Poklonskaya

Bombs? Regiments? Bayonets? There are other methods.


Russian MP Natalia Poklonskaya posts this essay today on her Facebook page:

After another American intervention in the affairs of the Middle East and the assassination of General Suleymani, the crash of an airplane and a missile strike from Iran, many are worried: will the Third World War begin? I want to upset you: it has been going for a long time.

This war is expressed in the form of local conflicts – I will name a few of them:

  • The “humanitarian intervention” by NATO against Yugoslavia in the form of bombing and the destruction of a sovereign state;
  • The US invasion of Iraq;
  • The Georgian provocation in August 2008;
  • The massacre with ISIS in Syria;
  • The shelling and destruction of Donbass;
  • The rampant fascism in Ukraine;
  • The missile “answers” to each other in the Middle East…
  • And most importantly, the US’s increasing attempts to overthrow regimes in individual countries through coups.

The third world war will not repeat the events of the twentieth century: there will be no campaigns of one regiment against another in a bayonet attack – times have changed.

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Entire countries are enslaved already in other ways, more similar to the plot of the “Game of Thrones” series and the film “Wag the Dog,” where we are manipulated through informational stuffing.

For example, the Maidan of 2014. This is also part of the Third World War.
Now, neither Trump, nor other “warriors” need to bomb Iran or other countries of interest to them from the face of the Earth. There are other methods. For example, economic blockade and sanctions. This is exactly what the US President promised Iran. This method was used against Russia, trying to deprive us of our independence.

The worst thing is that ordinary people become bargaining chips in this Third World War. They staged a massacre in Syria, or in the Donbass, and it doesn’t matter that human destinies are broken, children are crippled – after all, those who want to rule the world have no concern for such trifles. And who knows where the next point will be for the continuation of new era “military operations” …


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