Israel and Poland complain to Ukraine for honoring Nazi collaborators

Instead they need to be condemned once and for all


Yesterday, January 1, was the 101st birthday of Stepan Bandera and Ukraine celebrated.

Today, January 2, the Israeli and Polish Embassies lodged complaints.


The ambassadors of Israel and Poland take offense at the Bandera banner in Kiev.
The Polish ambassador to Kiev, Bartosh Tsikhotsky and his Israeli counterpart Joel Lionsochdi, called it insulting that in Ukraine, people who “actively promoted ethnic cleansing,” are celebrated, in particular the Ukrainian Nazi and collaborator Bandera.

They also expect that the City Council of Kiev and the Lviv Regional Council will join the “search for truth” in this matter.

“With great concern and sadness, we note that government officials at various levels of Ukraine, including the Lviv Regional Council and the Kiev City State Administration, still celebrate historical events and individuals that instead need to be condemned once and for all,” — the ambassadors’ conscience statement.

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In the embassies they are concerned that on December 24, the Lviv Regional Council adopted a resolution on allocating money from the budget in 2020 to honor the memory of one of the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists * (OUN *) Melnyk, as well as other Ukrainian right-wing activists.
The day before, a torchlight procession of Bandera’s supporters took place in Kiev.

News account from January 1: In Kiev, about 2 thousand representatives of right-wing radical organizations hold a torchlight procession marking Bandera’s birthday. This was reported by “Ukrainian News”.
The event is attended by radicals of the “All-Ukrainian Association” Freedom “*,” Right Sector “*,” National Corps “*,” Falcon “*,” Trident “*,” Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists “* and С14 *.
As of 18:30 (local time), the audience began to move from Shevchenko Park towards the Independence Square, where they plan to hold a veche.
It is noted that the participants in the procession shout out “Glory to Ukraine”, “Glory to the nation – death to enemies”, “Ukraine before all” and “Glory to Stepan Bandera”, “We are Banderists, we are on the march.” Earlier, the new head of the “Ukrainian Institute of National Memory” Drobovich declared Bandera the eternal “national hero.”
Earlier, the new head of the “Ukrainian Institute of National Memory” Drobovich declared Bandera the eternal “national hero.”

Recall that in December, the UN adopted a Russian resolution against the glorification of Nazism – Ukraine and the United States were the only votes against it.
Note that the last rally held by the Ukrainian police was called “Stand up, Bandera.”


*Extremist organizations banned in the Russian Federation

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