Kiev residents do not want Banderist torchlight processions, says ex-people’s deputy 


KIEV – The Government of Ukraine does not take any steps to rectify the [political and economic – ed] situation in the country, people see this and are going abroad in droves.

This was stated in an interview on the NAS channel by Kirill Kulikov, a deputy of the VI convocation, former head of the Bureau of Interpol of Ukraine, a PolitNavigator correspondent reports.

“People understand this very well, therefore the outflow of labor from this country is enormous. Somewhere in Russia, 3 million people work, and somewhere in Europe, 3 million able-bodied people work in the country. People understand simple numbers.

Here we look – “aggressor country”, yesterday the leader of the “aggressor country” speaks and says: “it means, dear friends, maternity capital!” This is very important – in the “aggressor country” they want to give birth to these Muscovites who will be all around us, here more of them will appear. For the first child – 440 thousand for the second – plus 150, that is, more than 10,000 dollars.

We have fifty-two minimums for the first child, this is first 10 thousand plus 860 hryvnias every month for three years, this is about forty thousand, that is, one thousand seven hundred with something dollars … and for the second child, an additional 70. That there is, it’s another 2,500. Moreover, they give us money to choose, and there they give only two, because the problem is that many lived off this money. You have the right to spend this money only on the education of the child, only on the treatment of the child and on the mortgage, to build an apartment for them.

That is, there the family receives 10 thousand dollars, here it receives less than four. So tell me, where do they take care of a person, where do they think about their future, about potential, where there are no temporary workers? ”, The expert asked.

In addition, according to him, it is not clear how Ukraine hopes to recover the lost Crimea and Donbass.

“What is our way of economic development, the development of people? Let’s say honestly that Donetsk is not our land, Crimea is not ours. Of course it’s not ours – excuse me, the Russians will invest there a third of their budget on the development of Sevastopol and everything else, according to Putin’s statement. Then they will return to us? ..

For these 25 years, we have not invested a dime in the Crimea. Except that they sucked everything out of it. Then they will want to return to us? Yes, there will be 3 million people, and it will be an electorate, excuse me, Putin … they will vote for him in the elections, not for us. What do we want? To win, and then make them vote for us? .. Who will vote for us? It’s not necessary to conquer territories today, but the souls of people, ” noted Kirill Kulikov.

President of the country Vladimir Zelensky in his New Year’s speech spoke the right words about unity, but the next day a torchlight procession took place in Kiev, which the people of Kiev did not want to see in their city.

“What he said, I liked it. What happened the next morning, the torchlight procession on Bandera’s birthday, was somewhat contrary to the statements of President Zelensky. This does not unite us. What does the terrorist Bandera have to do with me, a Kievite? I was born here, I and most of the people of Kiev in my city do not go here to see torchlight processions, the streets of Bandera, Shukhevych, etc. We don’t want to see here hordes that tumble down monuments, etc., ” Kirill Kulikov was indignant.

from politnavigator

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