KUSA: The U.S Occupation of Iraq is Over whether they want it or not

By Iliya Kusa


By Iliya Kusa – Expert in international politics at Ukrainian Institute for the Future

It’s over.

The Iraqi parliament voted to expel US troops from the country.

The bill proposed by the Cabinet, several important points:

1. Immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and the completion of Operation Unshakable Determination.

2. Termination of the security agreement between Iraq and the United States of 2008 and updated additions to it of 2014.

3. The closure of Iraq to any foreign forces and the exclusive use of force only by the Iraqi state, all other operations not authorized by Baghdad are essentially illegal. The European allies of the United States, whom Trump coolly “threw under the bus”, essentially compromising their NATO training mission, could also close.

4. Submission by Iraq of a formal complaint to the UN Security Council due to Washington’s violation of the country’s national sovereignty.

What can I say. Before our very eyes, the whole architecture of US Middle Eastern policy, which began after 2001-2003, fell apart.

The fact that it began so bravely, beautifully and a little illegally in 2003 ended in complete failure 17 years later, and the United States was not able to work out a sound, meaningful and holistic strategy for Iraq and Iran.

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By the way…

Before the vote, Iraqi Prime Minister Adele Abdel-Magdi gave a pathos-patriotic but extremely curious speech in which he put some cards on the table, revealing some hitherto confidential information. In particular:

– He said that the United States allowed Israel to inflict several illegal air strikes on the munitions depots of the Iraqi armed forces last year. Israel and the US have denied this information.

– He informed the deputies that US aviation was illegally taken into the air, and flew over the American embassy on December 31 without the permission of the Iraqi government.

– He stated that he was trying to reconcile the USA and Iran after the US air strike on a military base of pro-Iranian forces in the west of the country on December 30, when 25 people died. According to him, the States refused to even give an informal apology to the Iranians, and the negotiations fell apart.

– He said that it was the leadership of the “Popular Mobilization Force” together with the killed on the eve of Abu Magdi Al-Mugandes at the cost of the threat of his resignation and the entire Cabinet of Ministers forced the protesters under the US embassy to go home and end his siege. I wrote about this earlier, and now it has officially sounded from the lips of the Iraqi prime minister.

– He also said that Kassem Suleimani arrived in Baghdad and brought with him a letter from the Iranian leadership to representatives of Saudi Arabia, with whom he was negotiating a regional reconciliation.

That is, in other words, Suleymani carried out some important diplomatic mission between Tehran, Riyadh, Damascus and Baghdad when the States killed him. This makes the situation even more difficult. Now everything looks like the United States wanted to ruin the hell out of possible peace talks between regional players.

All these revelations of the Prime Minister are a bombshell. He revealed the details of the Saudi-Iranian negotiations mediated by Baghdad, exposing the United States as a universal evil that simply longs for chaos and the continuation of the war.

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