Libya: Turkish Muslim Brotherhood Forces on Precipice of Ruin – Putin hands Erdogan hollow victory

George Ades


By George Ades

With a sense of urgency Erdogan wanted to speak to Putin about the situation in Libya. After delaying the meeting as much as was necessary, Putin did eventually grant Erdogan a meeting in which, the two leaders agreed to a ceasefire in Libya, something that Erdogan pressed hard for, as his Muslim Bothers in Tripoli are losing the earth from under their feet.

However, the “ceasefire” will take effect as of midnight on Sunday January 12. By that time, the forces of the LNA are expected to have Tripoli under their control and there will be no one to sign a ceasefire with.

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Reports from Libya claim that entire regiments of GNA infantry are deserting and throwing their lot in with Haftar. The rats always know when it’s time to abandon a sinking ship.

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