MAJOR: Greek FM Dendias says Army may Support Haftar’s Efforts in Libya


ATHENS – During his meeting with Khalifa Haftar, Nikos Dendias expressed Greece’s intention to contribute to the protection of the truce in Libya.

In every possible way – to ensure truce – Greece is ready to support Libya according to Nikos Dendias. The initial report on our country’s involvement with “forces” in the protection of the ceasefire, caused a lot of discussion and was followed by clarifications by the Foreign Ministry.

Specific sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stress that the phrase “Greece is ready to help the next day in Libya, either by joining those forces needed to bring the truce”, refers exclusively to observers under a possible international monitoring mechanism. truce.

The Foreign Minister, following his meeting with General Khalifa Haftar , emphasized, inter alia: ” I told him that Greece was ready to help the next day, either by joining those forces needed to bring the truce. , or with the participation of Greek forces in the European arms embargo

All of this is a contribution to the future of the Libyan people. We want it to be a modern democratic country. Greece is not a member of the Berlin process, which we know Greece has not participated in since 2015, but we continue to believe that the hostess would see our participation as something positive. “

In detail his statements

“For our part, we encouraged the army to engage in a constructive spirit in the Berlin process and to try, within the framework of the Treaties, to achieve a ceasefire and restore security in Libya, the removal of mercenaries, recognition. the invalidity of the unlawful memorandums between Turkey and the government of Saraj, “Dendias stressed, adding:

“I have to say with great pleasure that General Haftar agreed with all our comments above.” “Europe has a clear position, expressed by the last European Council,” Mr Dendias said. “Our common European position recognizes the nullity and non-existence of the memorandums signed by the government of Saraj and Turkey. We therefore expect Europeans from Germany to impose and express the European position in the Berlin process. We expect the same from other EU member states involved in this process. “

Asked whether Greece will veto a Libyan political solution if the agreement with Turkey is not revoked, Dendias said: “We want to be constructive in making the Berlin process a success. We are helping the UN processes. On the other hand, however, we are trying to help in this process not only as Greece but also as a European country. The framework for the participation of all European countries in this process has been determined by the decision of the European Council. “

And Mr Dendias continued: ‘The very decision of the European Council, our common European position, provides for the nullity and non-existence of the two Memorandums. Therefore, every EU country, not just Greece, has the self-evident obligation to support the common position, the position that we have all taken unanimously in the Council. So I don’t want to see things in the form of a veto, I see them as an attempt by our common European position. Of course, if this is not respected, then every European country has an obligation to defend this position. And Greece, on which Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis made a clear position yesterday, will defend our common European position. “

The foreign minister also said that “Greece is ready to help the next day in Libya, either with the participation of those forces needed for the truce, or with the participation of Greek forces in the European arms embargo. and the transfer of mercenaries to Libya. “

According to reports, the Foreign Minister’s reference to Greece’s involvement in the truce efforts has to do with the participation in the European Sophia Mechanism by air and floating means of surveillance of the arms embargo (already on paper) and readiness to participate as observers on an international ceasefire monitoring mechanism, if so decided.

Haftar: We are pacifists

General Haftar, at the end of the meeting and shortly before the meeting with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said:

“We are peacemakers. We came here to discuss peace and to strengthen the two countries’ co-operation.”

The background of the meeting

The meetings are in view of the Berlin initiative on Libya . Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will also contact German Chancellor Angela Merkel today and warn that he will veto the EU summit if any solution to Libya does not include a cancellation of the agreement with Turkey

It is recalled that Greece had requested to attend the conference in Berlin on Sunday , but Turkey blocked the Greek request as one of the founding members of the initiative.

Haftar had recently wondered why Greece was not invited to the Berlin initiative .

Although Greece will not be present in Berlin on Sunday, it counts on France’s support, as Emmanuel Macron does not support the Sharjah regime and has clashed with Turkey over a deal with Libya.

“The Turkey-Libya Memorandum does not comply with the Law of the Sea and calls into question the sovereign rights of Greece and Cyprus,” the French Foreign Ministry spokesman said yesterday, continuing support movements in Athens and Nicosia.

Mr Mitsotakis will visit France on January 29, where he will meet with Macron and will be at the World Economic Forum in Davos from 22 to 24 May, where Recep Tayyip Erdogan will also be present.

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