MAJOR: Iraqis Breach Green Zone & Storm U.S. Embassy In Iraq

A Response To US Aggression Against Iraq That Murdered 25, Injured 51 By Steven Argue


By Steven Argue

Trump Fails in Geography Again, Baghdad is in Iraq, Not Iran


Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019. Thousands of Iraqi protesters chanting “Death To America!” have stormed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. This is in response to the US bombing of Iraq on Sunday. This appears to have the backing of the Iraqi government. Protesters were allowed to enter the Green Zone with the open intent of storming the U.S. Embassy.

Late Sunday, Dec. 29, U.S. Air Force F-15 warplanes bombed on 5 Kataib Hezbollah bases. Kataib Hezbollah played a major role in defeating ISIS in Iraq. They are a component of the Iraqi Armed Forces as units of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). The PMU emerged from the Iraqi people as a popular anti-fascist force when the Iraqi Armed Forces were routed by the ISIS invasion of Iraq. The PMU has confirmed that their 45th & 46th Brigades stationed western in Anbar, Iraq, were hit in the U.S. aggression. At least 25 people were killed & 51 injured.

Kataib Hezbollah vowed to respond to the U.S. aggression.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said the airstrikes “a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a dangerous escalation and threat to the security of Iraq and the region.”

Protesters broke into the U.S. Embassy compound by smashing in the main door. The reception area was set on fire. U.S. soldiers fired tear gas & stun grenades while sounds of gunfire have been heard. According to a PMU source, 20 people have been injured. Embassy staff have been evacuated. Some in the U.S. mainstream corporate media, including, including CNN, have been assuring the American public that embassy security has not been breached, but numerous other reports & photos of smoke coming out of the embassy compound make clear this false.

Trump, showing his continued confusion about basic geography, says he will hold Iran responsible for Iraqis who stormed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. I joke but this is serious. Despite U.S. imperialist lies, the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) who the U.S. bombed on Sunday are not Iranians. They are Iraqis. And they are an official branch of the Iraqi armed Forces, making the U.S. aggression on Sunday a blatant overt act of war against Iraq.

While it is true that Iran was the first to sponsor the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) against ISIS, this was no crime. It was the PMU with Iranian backing that defeated ISIS in Iraq, saving the Iraqi people from a far worse blood bath in doing so. The PMU are composed of Iraqi antifascist volunteers who couldn’t just do nothing as the Sunni supremacist fascists of ISIS imposed their sectarian & misogynistic terror through military victories, mass executions, & the enslavement of women.

Nor are the PMUs a Shiite force in some way similar to ISIS as a Sunni force. For instance, a force of 10,000 Sunnis within the PMU who were also opposed to the Sunni supremacist fascism of ISIS were instrumental in defeating ISIS as well.

Over 5,000 U.S. troops continue to occupy Iraq despite the fact that the Iraqi government has asked them to leave. The U.S. bases in Iraq & neighboring Syria are military occupations that violate the national sovereignty of both countries. Neither country invited U.S. troops in & both have asked the troops to leave repeatedly. Popular requests by Iraq’s democratically elected government for the U.S. to leave are simply ignored by the Trump Regime.

Whoever carried carried out that shelling of the K1 military base in Kirkuk, that was no crime. The Iraqi government has even tried to ask for the U.S. to leave nicely. It is no exaggeration to say that the U.S. invasion & ongoing occupation of Iraq has literally cost millions of Iraqi live. The people of Iraq have the right to drive out the U.S. imperialist military occupation of their country by any means necessary.

An attack on the U.S. occupied Taji military base located 27 km north of Baghdad came just a few hours after the U.S. Air Force bombed the PMU. Four Katyusha rockets landed near housing for U.S. troops. No casualties were reported.

Similar to Iraq, the U.S. has troops in Syria against the wishes of the Syrian government & Syrian people. Trump has specified US troops are in Syria to hold on to the al-Omar Oil Fields and, as he loves the oil, they are to stay. Syrian oil is being looted from these stolen oil wells by the United States & sold to U.S. ally Turkey. By rights, this natural resource instead belongs to the Syrian people. Syria’s state ownership of oil has brought benefits to the Syrian people. Trumps looting along with economic sanctions hurt the Syrian people.

The direct looting of Syrian oil by the United States & Turkey is the same thing that ISIS did. ISIS, with the help of U.S. backed al Qaeda forces in Syria smuggled looted Iraqi & Syrian oil into Turkey ( a major U.S. ally). Corrupt capitalists tied to the Turkish government profited while financing the ISIS Sunni supremacist & misogynistic IS fascist state. That was one of several key indicators that the U.S. wasn’t actually fighting against ISIS.

Further evidence that the U.S. had no intentions of truly fighting ISIS were the oil convoys the U.S. allowed. ISIS was constantly moving major oil convoys out in the open, yet the U.S. bombing campaigns never bothered to touch them despite the fact that they were bringing massive looted oil profits to ISIS. It was only with Russia’s entry into the war in 2015 that these massive oil convoys that were right out in the open were bombed. Russian bombs annihilated a major source of funding for ISIS.

Like the PMUs that the United States also hates Russia’s entry into the war was another critical component necessary to defeat of ISIS. Trump’s focus on massive bombing campaigns against the civilian populations of major cities, on the other hand, were instead major war crimes that did little to defeat ISIS. It is also important to point out, Russian troops, unlike those of the United States, were invited there by Syria while the role of the United States is that of an uninvited foreign aggressor.

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