MAJOR: US, China Sign ‘Phase One’ Trade Deal


BEIJING/WASHINGTON, D.C. – The first part of a broader trade agreement between the world’s top economic superpowers was finally inked on Wednesday with the US suspending new tariffs in exchange for Chinese purchases of $200 billion in American goods. The accord, signed by President Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, puts on pause the trade row between Washington and Beijing, RT reported.

The more than year-long trade conflict resulted in multiple rounds of tit-for-tat tariffs on billions worth of goods. The provisions of the deal include Washington’s suspension of tariff increases on Chinese exports, with Beijing agreeing to buy more American farm and energy products as well as manufactured goods.

China will purchase a total of $200 billion more in US goods over two years than it did in 2017, according to the deal text, which breaks down those purchases into categories of agricultural products, manufactured goods, services, and energy products.

Beijing will also “significantly reduce” the waiting period for authorizing American agricultural biotechnology, and the deal includes a provision prohibiting “misappropriation of trade secrets through electronic intrusions”.

A chapter on technology transfer bars Beijing from offering incentives to motivate tech transfer, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced. The deal includes detailed provisions on patent protections, including a requirement Beijing forfeit any machinery used to produce counterfeit goods, but does not include data protection for biologic drugs.

China has agreed to avoid “competitive devaluation” of its currency, with monthly publication of exchange rates and balances to ensure compliance, the US Treasury revealed, and officials said the deal includes improved access to China’s financial services market for US companies.

The agreement goes into effect 30 days from signing. The signing was preceded by Trump’s speech in which the president thanked officials who have worked on the deal and said he would visit China soon. After several rounds of talks, the US and China initially reached “a historic and enforceable agreement” in December, averting a new round of tariff hikes.

Since then, the two sides have been working on the details and translating the 86-page document. The two biggest economies in the world were close to striking a comprehensive trade deal back in May. However, they failed to reach an agreement, with Trump accusing Beijing of backtracking on its commitments. Beijing denied any wrongdoing and accused Washington of escalating the trade war.

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